Shopping for baby products in Germany

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If you have a baby on the way, waiting for your little one to arrive can be quite a drag. Luckily, you can keep yourself busy with shopping for all kinds of baby products in Germany. You’ll need all sorts of products, such as a stroller, a crib or co-sleeper, a car seat, and many other useful things. Besides the practical products, you’ll also want to keep your baby busy with different kinds of toys.

You’ll need products for yourself as well, such as a milk pump and personal hygiene products. Finding all these products in Germany is not a problem, but where do you find the ones that are safe and suitable for your baby, preferably for the best price? In this article, you’ll read about all the problems you could encounter while looking for baby products in Germany and how to solve them.

Not all products are tested and safe

Baby products are not cheap, that’s for sure. But there is a reason for the steep prices of most essential products. Mainly, all baby products in Europe must be tested for safety. After all, you don’t want your baby to fall out of its stroller or for it to not be safely fastened in its car seat. Testing products costs time and the best products are made of sturdy materials that also don’t come cheap. If you find cheap products on the internet that look safe, it’s best not to trust it anyway. Some products are imported and have not undergone the rigorous testing that is required in Germany, before being put on the market.

Look for products on a trusted website

If you want to make sure that products are up to European safety standards, look for the things that you need on a trusted website, such as This website lists lots of baby products, from furniture to toys and care products from trusted German sellers. Babyspezialist gives helpful insight about certain products and even makes product recommendations.

You’ll be able to compare certain products on the website and pick the ones that fit your preferences. The products have reviews from other parents to help you make the best choice possible. By making use of this platform, you’ll be sure to buy only good quality products from German retailers.

Stores have limited supplies

Going to a store might be a nice way to pass time, but there is one big problem that you might encounter: stores only have limited space to store products. This means that not everything you’re looking for might be available. You’ll end up having to go to several stores, to get all the stuff you need. This costs lots of time and could have been avoided by shopping online.

Furthermore, stores are subjected to their opening hours, whereas online stores are always open. If you were planning to go shopping after work, you might need to make it quicker since most German stores are open until 6:00 pm and are closed on Sundays. Besides, online stores usually give their customers the opportunity to review products, so you’ll be able to read about previous customers’ experiences before you buy.


Why buy baby products in Germany?

Have you ever heard of German engineering? This does not only apply to cars, but also to baby stuff. Lots of famous baby product brands come from Germany and are known for their exquisite quality. Some famous German baby product brands are BIG, chicco, Hartan and Theraline.