Shark Navigator Professional (Lift-Away) Vacuum Cleaner NV356E

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Dust-Away NV356E Shark Navigator Lift-Away is one of the most common and for good reasons. This is built on Shark’s Lift-Away technology – the device can be applied like the classic upright vacuum cleaner, as the upright vacuum cleaner can be removed from the remaining unit with a cleaner shaft, telescopic wall, and cleaner appliances or you can contact with Canadian disinfectants.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Dust-Away NV356E will be replaced by newer versions but is still a favorite choice for many consumers due to its acceptable price and outstanding features. After all, don’t patch it if it’s not broken:)To get a Popcorn Ceiling Removal service you should search like Popcorn Ceiling Removal San Diego hope you get the best service in your location.

Shark NV356E S2 Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum with Pet Power Brush and Specifications

Shark Navigator 356E is built for the washing and cleaning of bare boards, low-pile, medium, and high-pile tapes and areas.

The main cleaner head has an embedded soil and waste washing brush roll, including pet and human fur, lint, fibers, and the like. The brush wheel can be switched off to clean bare floors, particularly delicate wooden floors, using the shut-off button.

Cleaning the key cleaning head’s route diameter is 9.5 inches (~24.1 cm) and might be longer, covering the greater area in less time. But the vacuum does its job well and 9.5-inch dust tends to maintain the suction high – wider dust will require a bigger, larger engine, leading to a lighter and more costly model, etc.

Nv356e HEPA channel shark

Shark’s full-blown allergens cleaner HEPA filter traps 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum-note a true HEPA vacuum cleaner (not just filter), 99.97% of 0.3 micrometers (or larger) of particulate matter. Shark NV356E nevertheless has excellent air filtration, which is critical in allergy, asthma, and other respiratory or related health problems.

Three separate air filters are used: foam and felt pre-motor air filters and HEPA post-motor air filters.

Because the condition of the air filter is critical to the device’s proper operation, it can and should be washed to maintain the required level of airflow and suction:

-Filter and pre-motor motor foam should be washed every 3 months or if necessary;

-HEPA filter should be washed every 2 years or, if appropriate, every 2 years.

Filters are rinsed with plain water and dried air for 24 hours or until completely dry. Never assemble the unit if the filters are already damp and the unit never works with wet filters or other filters.

Note: Shark NV356E is easy to use and manage, but please make sure to read the manual/instructions carefully before the machine arrives.

Lift-away vs. powered technology for lift-away

Some sharks have ‘Powered Lift-Away’ technology, and others have ‘Lift-Away’ technology. What’s the difference?

Shark NV356E weighs 13,7 lbs (~6,2 kg), while the lift-way pod weighs about 8 lbs (~3,6 kg) without the cable, and is easily transportable for cleaning stairs, curves, upper floors, cars, and other areas that are difficult to reach. Note that the device does not have LED headlights, and these can be very useful under the furniture, for example, in low light situations.

The ‘Powered’ brushroll is used by the main cleaner head for sweeping carpeted areas and can only be used while the unit is used as a conventional upright vacuum cleaner.

The key cleaner head stays with the remainder of the machine and cleans with the help of the Lift-Away pod, a versatile cleaning tube, and a cleaning fixture, with or without a clean wall-but without the principal cleaner head with the ‘driven’ brush roll. The Lift-Away pod is separated from the other unit.

The dirt bin is translucent and the user can see a lot of dirt easily. The size of the dirt bin is 2,2 dry (~2,4 liters), which is more than sufficient for most applications. To prevent the accumulation of unpleasant gases and smells, emptying the dirt bin is strongly recommended after each use. If the dirt crosses the “Max Fill Line,” the dirt bin must be emptied or the machine can have problems in service (reduced airflow, lower suction, etc.).

Shark Navigator NV356E should not be vacuumed using this vacuum cleaner for dry dirt only and damp, dirt and particularly liquids.

The power cord is 30 meters long (~9.1 m) and a power socket can be used for a wide area. The pants are 5 feet (~1.52 m) long and can be taken around without any effort in tandem with the Lift-Away pod to allow a person to vacuum high surfaces on the deck, including floors, furnishings, bookshelves, ceiling fans, etc.

The Shark NV 356E does not have an automated rewinding cable; instead, a power cord is wrapped manually into power cord wrap hooks that allow the user to store the power cord while still allowing the user to easily release the power cord, allowing the user to use this device even in emergencies (for example, pet and child messes).

The unit features a 1200 W (~11 Amps) engine that provides excellent suction, irrespective of the model used. Shark NV356E also features a variable suction control in the shape of the suction release mechanism (collar), which is not the most powerful suction control device but which maintains the airflow through the unit.

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