Reliable Sources Of Technology News

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As technology changes our world, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest news. Tech leaders know this, and they encourage their teams to keep up with reputable, reliable sources of information. For developers, Gigaom has quick and easy insights into open source software, programming languages, and developer tools. They also have podcasts about code snippets, and news on tech job openings.


Founded in 2005, TechCrunch covers technology and startup news from all over the world. It is known for its comprehensive product reviews and unbiased opinions. Its readers rely on the website to make informed purchases and decisions about new technologies. In the beginning, Michael Arrington started TechCrunch with a small audience of 12,000 visitors a day. He was able to attract engineers, industrialists, and investors with his content about tech news and business-building techniques for startups.

TechCrunch has seven weekly newsletters and offers insights about technology companies, gadgets, and startups. It also hosts events for its audience and offers a variety of advertising opportunities. In order to monetize its website traffic, TechCrunch uses multiple tools to segment the audience and deliver ads at the right time. For example, it uses Vuble to serve in-stream video ads on OTT platforms. This helps to increase ad revenue and engage its audience. It also integrates with local DSPs to reach its OTT audience.

The Verge

The Verge is a technology news website that focuses on new releases and the latest technology trends. The site features articles and videos on technology and science, as well as entertainment. It also publishes guidebooks and product reviews. The site is operated by Vox Media. Its target audience is mostly male. The site has a strong focus on mobile devices, with a visually-oriented series of content modules that are optimized for mobile consumption. The homepage is also designed for social integration. It uses all-caps for headers, which reduces readability and can be confusing for some users.

The site’s editorial team is dedicated to illuminating how politics, law, and regulation impact the technologies that shape readers’ lives. Its reporters investigate the intentions of politicians, regulators, and activists to determine their unintended consequences. The site’s AllSides media bias rating is Lean Left. It also has a high confidence rating. This means that most people who view the site agree with its point of view.


A monthly American magazine, Wired covers how new technologies affect culture, the economy, and politics. It has several spin-offs, including Wired UK and Wired Japan. Founded by Louis Rossetto, the magazine was first published in 1991. Its early colophons credited the media theorist Marshall McLuhan as its patron saint. The magazine was launched at a time when San Francisco’s technology scene was shadowy and creative, populated by phreakers and neo-hippies. Its early stories were infused with the sixties’ countercultural ethos.

Today, the publication is primarily focused on how new technologies are transforming business and society. It also covers upcoming trends and events. Its articles often include interviews with prominent executives and entrepreneurs. Wired has also published several books. The website also hosts a podcast. The company is based in California and has over 20 staff members. Its revenue is mainly from subscriptions to the magazine and its website. The company has recently begun expanding its reach, with a network of websites called HotWired and a book division.

Digital Trends

Digital Trends is a technology news and lifestyle website that publishes reviews, guides, how-to articles, descriptive videos, and podcasts about consumer electronics products. It is a privately owned company with offices in Portland, Oregon, and New York City. Its audience of over 24 million unique visitors per month makes it one of the most popular technology sites in the world. Its editors humanize technology and filter out the noise, so you can understand what’s going on in the digital marketplace. Its website features product reviews, recommendations, and editorials that help you make the best purchase decisions.

The company also provides curated email newsletters and has won numerous industry awards. In 2015, Digital Trends expanded its award program to include several international trade shows, including Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and IFA in Berlin. It also launched its first car of the year awards and Smart Home awards, underscoring its growing investment in these areas. It also launched DT Design, an in-house creative ad agency, to focus on branded content and high-impact advertising units.


Whether you’re an IT professional or just interested in technology, there are plenty of websites to check out for your daily dose of tech news. Wired is a fun site that makes tough topics easy for everyone to understand. They also start conversations and get you thinking about how technology is shaping our world.