Police Checks

Police Checks: What You Ought to Know?

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There is no society without crime. Sure, one area might be safer than the other; but crime rates invariably exist due to social systems. People can trust one another and go on with their day because of the beautiful police system. And Australia is heralded as one of the safe zones in the world, while the credit is due to the hardworking crime and justice wing.

The Australian government has established city-wise services like the Queensland police checks to act promptly on criminal reports. Meanwhile, in 2020, there was an increase in domestic abuse cases. This is explained by the COVID-19 pandemic and how people are advised to remain indoors. However, on the brighter side of things, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that there has been a 23% decrease in unlawful entry and a 14% decrease in motor vehicle theft!

Brisbane and allied cities are slightly more residential than the other cities. And this is especially true with Queensland, the state situated in northeastern Australia. Besides, the Queensland police checks systems work much faster in verifying and allotting documents. And the police also acquire pieces of evidence for burglary, theft and break-ins more quickly than other severe crimes like a hit-and-run.

It is also believed that running to-and-fro to get a police clearance certificate is an expensive process,  but it is certainly not! In this case, amounts range from $40 to $60 at best, and the Australian government believes it to be its duty to protect its citizens.

How Does a Police Check Work?

There is no way to predict the number of crimes happening in a locality at a given point in time. Furthermore, the police have always gotten their hands full at all times, so there is no way they can individually cater to the different crimes at once. Many subsidiary services step in to make this procedure easier.

Meanwhile, Victoria police checks, Queensland police checks: are all a few names of such subsidiary online platforms that simplify procuring a police check. Typically, the process involves filling an online application form that books your details in the police directory within a matter of minutes. This helps filter your application and designate action based on emergency level.

Almost 70% of the applications are resolved online, where the applicant will receive a copy of the National Police Certificate. The rest, 30%, are flagged for “manual review” by the police department. This process usually involves police officials verifying the criminal background and validating documents, and it usually takes 3 – 15 business days.

National Police Certificate

This certificate is proof of one’s identity and the case they have booked with the police. It contains their name, address, date of birth, and relevant criminal history, court outcomes, and pending charges. This can be applied when the complainant is overseas, but this requires communication with the Australian Federal Police.

Although people are free to dispute the results that get published on this certificate, if they enter incorrect details in any event, there is no way to change the information or acquire a refund. So, one must be vigilant and ensure they provide the correct information.


This online police check forum can be used to acquire a lot of essential documents. Some of the services offered are:

  • Validating certificates
  • International Police Checks ($70)
  • Local Police Checks ($40)
  • Right to Work Visa Check
  • Area-based Clearance Checks