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Tile Trends 2022 – From Art Deco to Terrazzo and Outdoor Tiles

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All interior fans are aware of how tiles aid in breathing a new life into one’s home; they appear in varying shapes, colors, and forms, but the sophistication they have to endow to one’s home makes them a sight to cherish.

This year, the major question on the tongues of many is, “What are some trendy outdoor tiles we should be getting our hands on?” If you too, like us, are an interior enthusiast, then you have come to the right place. From the beauty of the Terrazzo tiles to marvelously constructed outdoor ones, we will be looking at a variety within this article. So stay tuned, and continue browsing!

The Significance of Outdoor Tiles in our Society

Imagine going somewhere; it can be a mall, someone’s house, a book shop, or any other store of your choice. The first thing you are most likely to notice is their artisan taste; whether intentional or not, you will judge how good the place is by its looks.

If the interior there doesn’t appease you, then the likelihood is that you won’t ever want to visit that place in the future. Hence, having a refined artistic taste does matter, and Tile and Grout Cleaning Hobart for more Click here to come as your companion in making an impact – a bold statement – which will indelibly attract people towards your vicinity.

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What are a few tile designs in 2022 which have currently become the hype?

Now, every year, numerous designs are released; however, there are only a few that make the cut and set a bar of satisfaction. Below are some that have caught our attention,

1)  Terrazzo

Playful, modern, and representative of the renaissance era, Terrazzo is a set of repetitive chip patterns, which can be adorned with a vast range of items. From furniture and household products in a domestic setting to catering to office settings, there is nothing Terrazzo can’t do!

Thus, if you’re looking to add an element of fun, and channel some artistic boldness, then Terrazzo has got your back! They are here to stay from virtually unbeatable colors and are available in quartz, marble, and metal owing to their artistic fervor!

2)  The Wood Effect

Ever since the pandemic set its foothold on us, the majority of interior artists and consumers in their outdoor tile setting and indoor are craving alternatives that closely resemble nature. The warmth that accompanies it and a natural soothing aura make it a great bet, which will be prevailing this year.

Therefore, if you need outdoor tiles or some fabulous art deco, these tiles – also hailed as the hallmark of the Scandi design is a viable option.

3)  The Moroccan Impact

Hailed by many for its timeless nature, intricate designs, and vibrancy, the Moroccan tiles have. They are particularly used in outdoor settings by restaurants that want to add an artsy flavor to their environments.

Additionally, many interior designers are also using these tiles as art deco, for instance, on fireplaces. The trend is going strong because these are ceramic hydraulic tiles, which means that cleaning and maintenance, as well as installation, is easy. Moreover, the patterns won’t ever get out of date either, because they have been built with the utmost finesse and diligence, which ensures that even decades from now, they look just as trendy and new as they have always been!

Hence, if you have a liking towards exotic touches, are in need of something bold that resonates with the people around you, and leaves them in awe of your tiles, be it indoor or outdoor, or as decorative pieces. The Moroccan-style tiles are an impeccable option for you! You can use them even for your kitchen island or design one segment of your room in a particular fashion.

4) The Hexagon Effect

This year is all about looking a little different; this is why the hexagon trend is coming to amplify things and take them up a notch. Compared to rectangular or metro tiles, they make a better alternative because you are free to throw some luxe features in such as marble, wood, and metallic accents depending on your preferences.

Additionally, you are free to craft the style as you please, too – for instance, if your motive is to create outdoor tiles that are slightly edgier, then a classic marble works well.

In essence, you get an entire medley of features with hexagon tiles at your disposal. They are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and we warrant that they will make others swoon with awe once they set their eyes upon them.

5) Blending porcelain tiles for indoors and outdoors:

If you need symmetry in both your indoor tiles, those used for art deco, and those you plan on using outdoors, nothing beats it like porcelain tiles. They are easy to install and offer perfect symmetry; the benefit here is that if you want to ensure that your house matches the tiles you have picked out, that becomes immensely convenient for porcelain ones.

Moreover, porcelain tiles have been around for ages now. The fact that they can be used for both a formal and informal setting and seamlessly blend in makes them a formidable opponent with many of their counterparts.

Spark the place up by making use of porcelain tiles – they are fit for the job, offer commendable results, and are entirely pleasing to look at. With these tiles, you can even create some fascinating art deco. Moreover, they also look incredible when paired with Terrazzo, so you certainly need to give these tiles a chance to elevate your living space with its artsy touch! Depending on your preferences at the end of the day, if you pay heed to the outdoor tiles we have mentioned above, which are meant for art deco, indoor, and outdoor purposes, you no doubt receive showers of praises for your unparalleled aesthetic approach. All it requires is a little innovation, and with these tiles in handy, which are currently all the rage this year, you can turn your home or outdoor space into a gorgeous sight unlike any other!