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Promoting and monitoring online reviews by the business owner on their site can be done using review management tools. The features of the software include:

  • Instantaneous alert: this software can send messages and give notification when information is posted, therefore, allowing fast response to the reviews or information that is sent.
  • Multi-channel active: you get the chance to be active and online on every platform at the same time where you can stay informed when comments are made on your sites without going through the stress of checking all sites one after the other for comments.
  • Reply options: you can give a fast and direct response to any positive or negative comment made by customers.
  • Perception: after knowing what your reviews are, you can receive information about your position among other contenders and any point where you left out to reply.
  • Well organized connection: the software is made in a way to give smooth running to users in a single dashboard at any place or time, the dashboard can perform multiple functions.


Reviews can be requested from customers when you know you have great content and a real product.

  • Ask at the right time: when your services are delivered, ask for reviews instantly when the uniqueness of your product is still on top of their mind. They tend to give you a positive review and comment.
  • Request for feedback: asking for feedback gives the chance to know what they have concerning your product inside of asking them for reviews and they post a negative review which can tarnish the image of your business. When you receive feedback, you can adjust the problem for your customers. When this kind of situation occurs, listen and be attentive to any comment made then you can improve your product. 
  • Ask in the right mood: you can arouse customers to give positive reviews using the dashboard. This should be done when customers are happy with your product. Then they can respond on the internal review system which will be known to you and your co-workers, they can take it to other websites like Google, Facebook. 


People turn up on Google and another website to purchase any items even some allow Google to decide for them. This is what happens;

  • To get any items on a site, they check out the reviews first before doing business and they range up to 82percents.
  • People preferred other people’s opinions to the personal recommendation and this can be known through reviews made by the customer. They range 76percent in this category.
  • Some even go to the extent of checking stars and they won’t purchase if it is less than 4stars. 52percent in this category.

Review management system main function is to respond to reviews, feedbacks. In short, they check out and maintain any online reviews, promote the business brand, time-efficient, and improve reputation through online review platform. It creates space for reviews to be brought through the use of text or email.