Microfiber Leather And PU Leather Which Is Better

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Microfiber leather and PU leather are the two highest quality leather lines on the market today. If comparing the quality between these two leather lines, it is a bit difficult to find the difference in their quality. Therefore, customers may not know which type of leather is good and durable for their intended use. This article would like to make a comparison between these two leather lines to help customers evaluate which type of faux leather to choose.

To evaluate the quality of these two leather lines, we need to compare the similar and different criteria. From these criteria, it will be easy to measure which type is more suitable. And the final decision is in the hands of the customer.

PU and microfiber leather

Common point

Both of these leather lines are the leading high-grade faux leather materials on the market today. Therefore, they have all the characteristics of general faux leather lines. Include :

Various colors when there are full color codes that customers love. These 2 leather lines have about 33-36 color codes to express each customer’s personal preferences and style like felt fabric.

Waterproof on the surface due to the smooth PVC coating. Unlike real leather, which has pores that absorb and drain water, faux leather does not.

The system of leather textures is arbitrarily large because these leather prints can be created according to the needs of the user. In addition to the patterns of cowhide, it is also possible to stamp crocodile or other animal leathers.

Good fire resistance when not catching fire when encountering heat and fire sources. However, it should be noted that they do not catch fire, but they can still be re-sun when exposed to too high temperature. Even genuine leather can suffer the same when exposed to fire, high heat source.

Easy to clean and clean when waterproof so dirt is kept outside.

High durability when both have good durability from about 4-7 years. With careful care and adequate maintenance, this durability can be further increased. This is one of their advantages over real leather when it is close to the durability of real leather.

The front and back surfaces of microfiber leather are very similar to real leather.

Point of difference

In fact, these two leather lines do not have many differences, so customers also refer to the main ideas below. The first difference is in structure when microfiber leather lines are more like real leather. They are constructed by 3D weaving of real leather textured tissue by knitting technology. Therefore, their structure is more like real leather than microfiber leather. The top side is all PVC stamped, so the top surface is basically the same.

Microfiber leather underside with texture quite similar to real leather

The second difference between microfiber leather and PU leather is the price. The current PU leather line distributed by Yan Chuang has a higher price than microfiber leather. Of course, they are correspondingly better quality, more durable and more comfortable to use. Therefore, customers should choose the appropriate leather line according to their needs.

Note that in the lines of Pu leather and microfiber leather are also divided into many different leather lines. They also have good and bad quality. Therefore, the above reviews are general judgments only. Depending on the specific leather type, there are slight differences.

Confused between microfiber leather and PU leather, which type of leather should you choose?

Basically, the above parameters, customers can see that they are not too different in characteristics but only in durability and selling price. Therefore, from this criterion, customers can easily determine according to their needs which type to choose the most suitable.Microfiber leather sofa and pu leather exquisite quality is not inferior to real leather.

Customers can also refer to the PU leather material with the best quality. The price may be higher than microfiber leather, but it’s worth it. Greater durability, softer use, better thickness. Bringing extremely high quality products on the market and good durability. After many years of use, there was no noticeable cracking or fraying on sofas, shoes or car seats. Saving costs while bringing enjoyment to users

Where to buy microfiber leather and pu leather?

Customers wishing to buy these 2 lines of high-class faux leather can directly contact Yan Chuang. We are the leading supplier of faux leather products in the market. With a full range of color codes from 33-36 color codes with microfiber and Pu series. Available quantities per color code correspond to 1000m long and 1.3m wide. Customers can order large or small quantities according to their needs.”