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Manufacturers of electric vehicle charging infrastructure

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Facilities for charging electric vehicles for a period. Forklifts and other industrial machinery have long employed electric charging technologies. They have marketed the Minit-Charger for both home and business charging applications by drawing on their knowledge. The EV Project, run by ECOtalty, aims to put thousands of charging stations in place over the course of the following year in the five states where EVs will first be sold. Other manufacturers’ stations are also installed by ECOtality. Although ECOtality manufactures level I and level II chargers, it does not produce fast DC charging apparatus. A new line of Level e vehicle charging station for businesses and homes has just been released by ECOtality. It is anticipated that the new stations, which were created by the renowned industrial design firm frog design, will help them modernize their traditional image.


Chevrolet has chosen SPX as the sole service provider for the acquisition and setup of the Chevy Volt 240 Volt quick home charger. The purchase and installation of the quick chargers, which will fully charge the Volt in around 4 hours, will be made as simple as possible by SPX. The SPX team will give residents advice on the procedures they need to take to qualify for lower electric utility rates, as well as help them update their electrical service to fit the home charging system.


The Nissan LEAF’s exclusive contractor for home charging installation is AeroVironment. AeroVironment is one of the few businesses that sells both Level II and rapid charging DC chargers for commercial use, despite being mostly recognized for residential installations. A reputable business, AeroVironment, has long created unmanned aircraft for the military. The business manufactured the charger for the Impact, a 1990s-era vehicle that served as the GM EV1’s forerunner. It seems sense that they would produce the new charging station models as they already created the charging stations for the EV1.

Technologies Coulomb

One of the more well-known producers of EV charging is Coulomb Technologies. The Coulomb membership Charge Point network is expanding quickly, enabling members to pull up to any station and start charging right away. However, they have since started building Level II chargers as well. Currently, the majority of the 300 stations they have placed are Level I stations.

Cutting Creek

Clipper Creek is a lesser-known brand that has been selling chargers for many years. Their equipment is not as sleek and contemporary in design as some of the more recent models. Their chargers are more designed for fleet installation than for home or commercial use. The installation capabilities of Clipper Creek’s products are well known. They take care of the Tesla Roadster’s installations for home charging. These charging stations come in a variety of layouts to suit the demands of their clients and are exclusively intended for Level II charging.

Common Electric

GE is the most recent player to enter the EV charging station industry. Their brand-new Watt Station charger has just unveiled. The initial release is primarily intended for commercial installations, but a home version is expected to be released later this year. The Watt Station has a distinguished aesthetic. The elegant design of the Watt Station is the brainchild of renowned architect Yves Behar. Additionally, it is the first model to use Wi-Fi smart technology.

Station PEP

Ford and a little-known business named PEP are collaborating to create tough, durable charging stations that can withstand heavy use. These pieces feature a stainless steel top and concrete base in an architectural design. The main markets for these devices are municipal and commercial installations. Since this minor company has no prior performance, it is unclear how good they will be. Because they were manufactured with premium automotive grade components, they are sturdy.

Better Location

The battery switching methods used in Better Place are well known. Vehicle charging station construction has recently started in Denmark and Israel. As of now, they don’t have any plans to sell their apartments for homes. They may alter their approach to provide residential charging options, so we highlight them here.


A significant and well-known electrical supply firm is Leviton. They are a well-known business with a sizable staff of service specialists. In addition to a 10-year warranty, Leviton offers “Evr-green” residential and business charging stations. The Leviton Evr-Green charging stations will work with Charge Point charging stations and can support both Level I and Level II charging. For their Level II chargers, Leviton has also established a standard installation technique that is the first pre-wired plug in solution in the industry. Customers will be able to use this technique to make their homes “plug in ready” before buying any electric vehicles. With a starting price of less than $200, not including installation, this prewired system is intended to bring down installation costs and shorten installation times. Although a Leviton-certified installer must install the prewired kits, once the system is up and running, the Level II charging station can be quickly added by the customer.

These companies now dominate the market for charging electric vehicles. Who will take over as the market leader and what other new players will enter the fray are things that only time will reveal. Please let me know if you are aware of any further manufacturers of electric vehicle charging stations so I can add them to this list.