Make Your Home Cozier This Year

Make Your Home Cozier This Year

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Slippers Near The Door

One of the very first steps in staying cozy is keeping your feet warm! By having a pair of fuzzy slippers by the door, you can switch into something warm and comfortable as soon as you enter the home. A bonus in this method is you will not track in salt and snow from the outside.

Fuzzy Snuggly Throw Pillows

We are going to give you a reason to go out and splurge on some big fuzzy pillows! Just a couple of unique throw pillows on the couch have the ability to make the home feel warmer and cozier in an instant. Some good options include velvets and warm cable knits.

Keeping Your Feet And Home Warm

Flat-weave and sisal rugs are perfect when it is warm outside but for these winter months, you are going to need something a little heavier. If a giant area rug remains out of budget, consider placing small rugs in a strategic manner throughout the house like next to the bed, under your coffee table, or in front of your favourite chair.

Softer Lighting

As the days get darker earlier, it may be rather tempting to go to bed just as early. Instead of going to bed when some go down, consider using warm-toned LED lights to create a cozy, candle-light feeling throughout the house.

Warm The Windows

If you typically use sheer window treatments throughout spring and summer consider switching to a heavier curtain that may even include a thermal lining. In addition to making the home look cozy and warm, they will be a significant amount of help in blocking cold air from entering the home

Rethinking Your Sofa

If you have ever thought about changing the look of your sofa, you may want to consider a slipcover. For the ultimate cozy feel in your living room, consider a deep jewel colouring. Alternatively, if you are looking to upgrade your sofa read these Raymour and Flanigan reviews.

Layer Kitchen Linens

Let’s make the kitchen a little cozier with a rug in front of the sink, a nice tablecloth, and some warm slipcovers over the chairs. Whenever you have the opportunity to place fabric between your feet and the bare floor, it is going to feel a tad warmer.

Place Memories On Display

While this is not going to make you feel physically warmer, it will warm your heart. Place holiday cards and photos from years past on a shelf or mantle to help you get through the coming months. These simple tips are going to make the long winter ahead just that much warmer and enjoyable!