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Latest News: “Thanksgiving” Wishes to Trump Fired the Missile By North Koria

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The latest news is that North Korea sends US President Donald Trump a fanciful ‘Thanksgiving’ message. Shortly after they fired two missiles, they wished Trump a Thanksgiving holiday. They greeted Trump as the United States did not respond to North Korea’s strong appeal to lift the economic sanctions.

Thanksgiving Day was celebrated in the United States on Thursday. On this particular day, North Korea made ironical thanks to US President Donald Trump for throwing two missiles at him.

According to NDTV Online, two short-range missiles were fired from Rayanpo on the northeast coast around 5 pm local time yesterday. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) is believed to have fired a great missile at a super-large rocket launcher. The missile crosses about 20 miles at an altitude of two miles.

JCS says such actions in North Korea will not help alleviate tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called Pyongyang’s move a regional and global threat. “We will contact the United States, South Korea, and the international community to monitor the situation,” he told reporters. We will strengthen security measures to protect the Japanese people and protect their resources. ”

North Korea has become more aggressive in recent months as talks with Washington have stalled. Pyongyang warns that their patience is slowly eroding. North Korea has given the United States time to change its “hostile” policy and restore the dialogue process.

Thanksgiving holiday is going on in the United States on Friday. And Pyongyang is celebrating a two-year anniversary of launching an intercontinental ballistic missile test. Rachel Mining Lee, the senior analyst for North Korea-based website NKPro, said that President Korea had sent a strong message to President Trump by launching a missile in front of such a special day.

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