How to Wear Red the Right Way

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Making a Statement with red

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Whether it’s your favorite shade of red or if you are a first-timer with it. We can show you how to wear red the right way and make the most of this season’s hottest trend.

From fashion weeks, runaways to offices or casual wearing, the different shades of red are spreading like wildfire this season. Red surrounds and excites us. No other color is so rich in symbolism than this. It is not only intoxicating but also commanding, a color of heightened emotions and power.

But like any daring trend, it requires an understanding of the color and proficiency in creating the right look without scaring yourself or others.

Hues of red are endless, from ruby, crimson, scarlet, cherry, candy apple red to rust.

Colours that go with Red

Bold as it is, red does not play nice with other colours. So, think well before you go designer lawn suits online shopping.

While Black and White are not only safe choices, they but also come across as severe ones. That is why we are partial to other complementary colours. Although if you must then go for a subdued red tone with midnight black.

Unstitched 3 Piece Block Printed Embroidered Lawn Suit

This black and red block print in gold just stole our hearts. It’s an example of a perfect pairing, both bold colours bringing elegance and luxury together.

Mustard yellow with red is perhaps one of the easiest pairings that gives a definite ethnic desi vibe. Two warm hues that really look rich together and will always remain a classic. On our suggestion try out this outfit that we selected for you.

Wine red is a beautiful shade of red that has a Persian vibe to it. Paired with teal lends it grandeur like no other. And rummaging through designer lawn suits we came across a perfect example.

Pairing red with neutrals like camel and beige works very well for a subdued yet chic look. Not only does it look expensive but is also unexpected.

Pink and red are a fashionista favourite and never go out of style. It’s a permeant entry in the chic girl diary creating a very aesthetically feminine look.

You can also put together a classic work look by pairing red with hues of grey. They really make the red pop out without letting it distract your colleagues. Talking of distractions…spicing up your types of denim with a red top for those casual but not so casual evenings is a no brainer.

It’s all in the shades

If worn the right way this attention-grabbing colour can look chic and romantic but it could also be very tricky. So why be meticulous with red you ask? First, you attract a lot of attention wearing red, so it’s got to be just right. Second, it doesn’t go with all skin tones, a wrong shade of red could make you look really unwell. There are certain things that you have to keep in mind when you go shopping, whether it is designer cotton dresses or unstitched lawn suits or even chiffon suits

Considering your skin tone is a must. Bright reds and orangey reds and even pink shaded reds look nice on milk-white or pale alabaster skin. But if you have olive skin the rusts and Burgundy hues will suit you well. Darker shades of Burgundy and wine-red suit warm skin tones with an underlying yellow. Even jewel colours like ruby and deepest of reds found in the ripest of anaars

Brings out the richness of dark skin tones.

Hair colour is as important as skin tones when considering the shade of red that you should get. If you have blonde highlighted hair with light eyes (real or lenses) stick to pale red tones and don’t even look in the direction of orangey reds. Women with dark brown or black hair colour should stick to dark and rich shades of red. But if you decide to lighten those eyes with the dark hair, you may just pull off the brightest tone of red. Grey-haired women should stick to purple and Burgundy reds according to experts, but our personal experience tells us that and deep red wouldn’t look amiss either. If you do happen to be one of those redheaded beauties with a golden skin tone, then orangey reds are for you.


Red is surely a statement colour.

And we are in love with it. When we think of red we think of vitality, it’s such a passionate colour……. Either you love it or you don’t.

Despite is playful character red is a colour that gives its wearer confidence and a sense of freedom and we all deserve at least one wardrobe piece in red, whether it be a digital print or an embroidery suit you are allowed to spoil yourselves for red is surely a statement colour.