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This is the first AWS Certification exam in which the candidates can demonstrate skills with exam labs. AWS Certified SysOps Admin – Associate is intended for system administrators in cloud operations specified roles to validate technical skills.


The exam features a combination of three possible question formats, including multiple choice, multiple response, and exam labs. Exam labs will allow candidates to show their technical skills by building solutions using the AWS Management Console and AWS Command Line Interface (CLI). The new exam also includes innovations in the AWS platform and the latest best practices for the role. An updated description of the new exam is available now in the guide for the exam. The AWS Certified SysOps Admin – Associate exam is available in different language such as: English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese for 150 USD. Candidates can take the exam (SOA-C02) from their test delivery provider, Pearson VUE, either from home with online mode or at select testing centers which is available worldwide.  

Explore the list of resources for preparation:

Candidates those who register for the exam on or by December 31, 2021 can get access to a free sample exam lab for their preparation of exams. They are also offering a 55-question practice exam with question-level feedback. The practice exam will be available from our test delivery provider, PSI, for 20 USD. Candidates can also simulate the exam experience by choosing to see feedback at the end of the practice exam or choose to see feedback after answering each and every question.

Tips for Taking an AWS  Certification with Exam Labs:

This is an insight on what to expect when taking an AWS Sysops Certification exam with exam labs and offers tips to help you prepare.

There are three kinds of questions in exams. They are multiple choice, multiple response and lab exam. In multiple choice and multiple response, they have to select one or more responses that can complete the statement or answer the question. Distractor are generally responses that are plausible. Multiple-choice as well as multiple-response questions will appear at the start of the exam in the first section.

The end of this section will include a review screen, where you can return to any of the multiple-choice and multiple-response questions. The exam labs section will appear soon after you end the multiple-choice and multiple-response section. You will not be able to go back to the first section after you have to start the second section. Exam labs: You have to complete the required tasks for a given scenario in the AWS Management Console or AWS CLI in the provided AWS account. Sprintzeal

When you start your exam, you will receive a notification about the total number of questions in the multiple-choice and multiple-response section, and the number of exam labs in the exam lab section. You will also come to know the percentage of your score that will be determined by your work in the exam labs. Always plan to leave 20 minutes to complete each exam lab in case there is any technical issue.

Finish all the remaining work on an exam lab before you move to the next exam lab. You will not be able to return to a prior exam lab once completed. You can use the virtual machine notepad or AWS CLI while working on your exam labs if you want. There are some AWS knowledge that the target candidate should have before the test. They should have a minimum of 1 year of hands-on experience with AWS technology. They should also have experience in deploying, managing, and operating workloads on AWS.

Candidate should have understanding of the AWS Well-Architect framework. The candidate should also have hands-on experience with the AWS Management Console and the AWS CLI. Understanding of AWS networking and security services is must. This test builds an intermediate analytical skill among the candidate. Candidate who has a great critical thinking skills can pass these exams with flying colour. This exam also has a great opportunity in cloud computing business. They turn complex technical challenges into customer successes.