How To Make Your Super VPN Unlimited Proxy PC Look Amazing

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Super VPN is a popular Android app that provides users with a secure, private, and encrypted connection to the internet. It also helps you bypass content restrictions and censorship, keeping your data safe and anonymous online.

It’s easy to set up and works on most devices. It’s free and doesn’t require root access.


VPN super unlimited proxy pc offers computer users a desktop app that protects their privacy and identity. It enables them to connect to a secure VPN server and browse the web without any risks or worries of snoopers, hackers, and malware.

This app is free and easy to download from the Google Play Store. It has a user-friendly interface that lets you connect to a VPN server in just a few clicks.

The app offers a variety of features, including split-tunneling (called Smart Proxy) and access to BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime. However, it lacks industry-standard security features like 256-bit AES encryption, a no-logs policy, and a kill switch.

This app uses a connection protocol called PPTP. It is a common method of adding encryption to your Internet traffic, but it’s not as strong as SSL or OpenVPN. It also doesn’t check the server certificate, which is central to TLS security.


Super VPN offers a variety of price plans that vary according to what you need the service for. There are plans aimed at torrenting, Blackberry service, VoIP, streaming, secure browsing, gaming, and more.

The pricing is not cheap, especially when compared to competitors like ExpressVPN or CyberGhost. The most expensive plan is 250% more than ExpressVPN’s monthly rate.

This is due to the complexities involved in setting up a VPN server and maintaining its security. It also takes a fair amount of manpower and time to manage it.

It’s also a shame the company is registered in the USA as that is a known hub for governmental spying on its citizens. The company’s privacy policy is particularly ominous for its mention of monitoring your IP address. While that might be a standard practice in the industry, it’s not something we would recommend to consumers. The best way to protect your privacy is to use a reputable VPN provider.


Super vpn is one of the most popular VPNs for Android, with more than 100 million installs. It’s a free VPN that allows users to encrypt their data and hide their real IP address.

The app is easy to use and has an intuitive design. However, there are plenty of annoying ads that appear at frustrating moments, and the lack of live chat or email support makes it difficult to get help if you encounter any problems.

It also doesn’t support a number of popular streaming services, and its server network is small. It also doesn’t have advanced features like obfuscation, ad blockers, perfect forward secrecy, or RAM-only servers.

The privacy policy is also quite sparse, and the information it collects is not always necessary. The biggest worry is that it stores user data in the US and UK, two of the least privacy-friendly countries in the world.


The apps available from super vpn are easy to use and will help you stay secure and anonymous online. The app works with any device, including PCs and smartphones, and it has a number of features to help you keep your data private.

Unlike other VPNs, it doesn’t require root access or a paid subscription. It also comes with a 20-day trial period and unlimited bandwidth, which you can use whenever you like.

It’s a popular Android VPN with more than 100 million installs on Google Play. As we write it has a 4.6 rating from approaching a million users, and it’s free to try. Despite the popularity, it has critical vulnerabilities that make it very dangerous. Those vulnerabilities include a logging policy that’s very fast and close to China. Plus, it stores user information in servers located in the US and UK – two of the world’s most privacy-unfriendly countries.