How To Level Up Brawl Stars

How To Level Up Brawl Stars

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Leveling up brawl stars is a key factor for getting the most out of the game. There are many ways to raise your player rank or level, including winning matches, completing events and securing the Star Player title. One convenient solution is to purchase a pre-leveled brawl stars account. These are often stocked with valuable in-game resources and come equipped with elevated player levels and upgraded brawlers.

Power Points

There are many ways to level up brawl stars, but one of the best is to play regularly and earn lots of experience points. Players can earn experience by playing events and game modes that give the most XP, as well as by winning matches. This will help them reach higher levels faster.

Players can also get power points by opening Brawl Boxes, which contain a random amount of power points for a brawler they have unlocked. The rarity of a brawler doesn’t affect how often a box will provide power points for them.

Many players on the Brawl Stars subreddit are frustrated with a power point shortage that prevents them from upgrading their brawlers. Users like awsumawesome argue that the current power point cap is too low and should be raised.


Players can earn Gold Coins by leveling up their player levels or unlocking Brawlers in the shop. The game also offers daily deals that award Gold coins for specific Brawlers or Power Points. Buying power points in bulk is usually more cost effective than purchasing them individually.

The main use of coins is to upgrade Brawlers, which include enhancing their health and damage, equipping Gadgets, and unlocking Star Powers. A Brawler can be upgraded up to its power level of 11. Each level linearly increases a Brawler’s power.

Experience is gained on each battle, winning or losing. Players also earn experience when being the “Star Player.” Experience levels up the entire account, rather than just a single Brawler. Increasing your player level fast is critical to gaining a competitive edge.


Coins are an important in-game currency used to upgrade Brawlers, unlock Gadgets, Gears, and Star Powers, and buy XP boosts. Players can also purchase a Coin booster in the Shop for 20 Gems, increasing their coin earnings during gameplay.

Leveling up Brawlers unlocks cool perks that make them stronger and more powerful in battles. For example, their health points increase so they can take more damage and pack a punch against opponents. Likewise, their attack damage increases so they can deal more damage to enemies.

Brawl Stars players can earn free gems by playing casual games on Playbite. This app offers rewards, including official App Store and Play Store gift cards, that can be loaded on Brawl Stars. These rewards can be used to get new Brawlers, skins, sprays, pins, and icons.

Brawl Boxes

Getting better in Brawl Stars is all about earning more Brawl Boxes. These boxes contain a variety of loot, including Coins, Power Points, and Gadgets. They can also include a 3% chance of Token Doublers, which double the next 200 Tokens earned in a match. There are several ways to earn Brawl Boxes, including duking it out in 3v3 battles or earning quest rewards.

The game recently rolled out some significant updates, including the addition of Berry, an Epic Brawler and unicorn. Her main attack fires a projectile that damages enemies and heals teammates over time, while her Super spins her towards the enemy to deal even more damage. The game is also adding a new Vanity Currency, Fame, which unlocks Brawlers. Supercell made the changes to improve the game’s monetization, which have had some mixed results.


Brawl Stars is a free-to-play mobile game with in-app purchases that can give players certain advantages. However, the game is generally not considered to be heavily pay-to-win compared to other mobile games.

A player’s player level is an overarching indicator of their in-game dedication and skill. A player’s level can be raised by accumulating experience points through various in-game activities such as winning matches and completing events. The higher a player’s level, the more rewards they receive. These include enticing reward boxes, such as mega boxes, which harbor rare items and new brawlers.

Players can also use Power Points to upgrade their Brawlers to the next power level. A higher power level increases a Brawler’s health and damage. Many users on the Brawl Stars subreddit are debating which brawler to get to level 11 for its hypercharge, with Jacky and Charlie being favored for their impact.

The Bottom Lines

Leveling up brawl stars is a rewarding process that enhances your brawlers and gameplay. Accelerate your ascent to new player levels by farming trophies and participating in events that offer high XP rewards. Achieving a high player level reflects your dedication to the game and potential skill. Players that reach higher player levels unlock enticing mega boxes, trophies and token doublers.