How To Find Hospice Care In Los Angeles

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Most Medicare and insurance plans cover hospice care at no cost to the patient. The service focuses on comfort, not curing the terminal illness. Hospice care includes drugs for symptom control, home health aides, and counseling. It also offers respite care for the family when a caregiver needs a break.

Compassionate Care

When your loved one’s underlying disease has progressed to the point where it can no longer be cured, hospice care can help. This type of medical treatment focuses on alleviating pain and other symptoms that may occur at the end of life. It also provides emotional and spiritual support for the patient and their family members. Silverado hospice los angeles provides comfort for seniors who are dying and their family members.

Hospice care is available to anyone who meets the qualifications, including those whose prognosis is 6 months or less. It can be provided at home or in a nursing facility. You can also receive respite care, which is up to 5 days of short-term inpatient hospice care. Chani joined Silverado LA in 2021 as a Patient and Family Care Advocate. She is dedicated to her work, which is inspired by the memory of her grandmother. She enjoys helping patients and families find comfort in difficult times.

Personalized Care

Personalized care helps to ease physical pain as well as emotional and spiritual distress. Hospice staff can also help families deal with the financial aspects of caring for a loved one who is terminally ill. For example, they may assist patients with applying for durable medical equipment. This includes items like oxygen or beds that can make life easier for terminally ill patients. They work with patients to create cherished memories and make sure the patient is comfortable as they transition into their last days. They offer a range of services including respite care, in-home care, and general inpatient care.

Support For Family Members

In addition to providing care, hospice focuses on supporting the patient’s loved ones with emotional and spiritual support. This type of support can help ease family members’ stress during a difficult time. Amanda began working in hospice when her grandmother passed away. Her experience fueled her passion for hospice and she now enjoys being part of the team at Silverado LA.

When all other treatment options have been exhausted, hospice provides care for a patient in their home or at an inpatient facility. This is often covered by Medicare, private insurance or other end-of-life healthcare plans. Contact your provider to find out if this type of care is right for you. If it is, hospice can provide a comforting transition and a better quality of life.

In-Home Care

In hospice care los angeles, you can expect your aging loved one to receive quality end-of-life home health services that are designed to ease pain and improve the transition into a final phase of life. Many private health insurance providers and Medicare cover this care, making it an affordable option. If your aging family member wants to receive hospice services, it is important that you discuss it with them in a compassionate way. This discussion may be uncomfortable, but it’s an essential part of planning for their future.

Mariela joined the Silverado Hospice LA team in 2021 as a patient and family care advocate. She has experience volunteering in hospice and has been a CHHA, on-call nurse, and admissions nurse. Her passion is helping people in their end-of-life journey with dignity.

Respite Care

In some cases, a primary caregiver may need a break from caregiving. Respite care allows them to attend family events, run errands, or simply take a few days to rest. This can help alleviate stress and anxiety, and promote a healthier outlook. Our hospice team can provide respite care in your home or in a facility. If you prefer the latter, we have special arrangements with local facilities that are Medicare-certified to offer this type of service. This service is available for up to five consecutive days within a Benefit Period.

Griselda joined Silverado in 2019 and has two years of experience working with hospice patients. She loves the opportunity to be a part of the hospice journey and has found her calling in life to be helping others through this difficult time.

The Bottom Lines

The hospice care you receive is based on your doctor’s diagnosis and focuses on comfort and pain management. It also includes counseling and emotional support, and helps family members deal with difficult feelings. Generally, Medicare and private insurance cover hospice care. Some programs let families pay on a sliding fee scale or have grant money to help with costs.