Body Pillow

How to Choose The Best Body Pillow

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Body pillows are trendy these days. You may see them in magazines, on Instagram, and television. In Japan, body pillows are known as Dakimakura. They are Japanese orthopedic cushions. It is also popular among Japanese teenagers. A dakimakura or body pillow can give you the feeling of a warm hug. You may find some dakimakuras funny looking. But they are very comfortable. In this article, you will know all about body pillows. Here you can find your Dakimakura or body pillow. To learn more read ahead

What is a Body Pillow Used for?

 Good sleep is always a necessity for good health. Many problems can arise during sleep. You may suffer from aches or pains when you wake up. A body pillow can help you in this situation. It can offer you extra comfort and support while you sleep on your side.

What are the benefits of a body pillow?

 There are many benefits from using a body pillow. Body pillow helps you to have a good sleep. It can give you extra decorative comfy. Body pillow can also correct poor sleeping positions. It can remove any discomfort. A body pillow can give you spinal alignment and pressure point relief. You can wake up pain-free and be able to enjoy a productive day.

Relieve Back Pain

 A body pillow can be good for back pain. A regular neck pillow does not give back support. If you have aches and neck sprains, a body pillow is a good choice for you. When you use a body pillow, you will experience stable support of the full body.

Aids Digestion

 Sleeping on your side can aid digestion. It restricts the stomach acid from traveling back through the esophagus. For indigestion or acid reflux, a body pillow is a good option.

Maternity Support

Body pillows are very useful for pregnant women. In the second trimester, it becomes difficult to sleep on the back. Also,  you need extra support for side sleep. It is all in one. It can support your belly, legs, and shoulders without any help of extra pillows.

Which body pillow is best?

 For choosing the best body pillow, consider your height, sleeping habits and health conditions. The regular size of body pillows is 20 inches by 54 inches. Also different sizes and shapes are available. They have a variety of fill materials.


 The weight of the pillow depends on size and fill type. The body pillows weigh between 5 to 7 pounds. You can customize shapes and fill on your personal preference.


Common body pillows are rectangular and cylindrical. If you need more for a specific purpose, you will find them in U and J letter shapes. These pillows are also called full-body pillows.

U Shape: These types are the most extended ones. For its curve, it gives support both back and front at a time. It is best for greatest support and aids spinal alignment.

 C Shape: This shape supports neck to legs. It is smaller than the U-shape. This provides pain and stress relief from the shoulders. This shape also helps to maintain the natural line of the shoulders.

 J Shape: The J-shaped pillow is smaller than C and U shapes. It offers support between the knees and goes until the shoulders. You can use it either for back support or frontal.

Fill Materials

Pillow’s firmness, warmth, and price depends on fill materials. Generally, most of the body pillows are average price. But you will find some priced higher or lower sometimes. Materials like polyester, can save your money.

Down: feathers from wings and belly region of geese or ducks are down. It is the softest and warmest fill material. But it is not a good option for an allergic person.

Polyester: polyester is a good option as down alternatives. It is less expensive than other fill types.  Most pillows use this synthetic fill material.

 Latex: natural latex foam comes from the sap of rubber trees. These pillows are soft and bouncy. Natural latex foam body pillows contain few chemicals. They give a cooling effect.


 Body pillows can give you extra decorative comfy. They can also correct poor sleeping positions. Before you choose your body pillow, think about your purpose. You may need a body pillow to improve your sleep. Also you can keep it as an extra long cushion. In that case the look of your pillow will matter most. Besides, for your sleep, you need a comfortable body pillow. You also need to know details about material, breathability, and durability. So, you need to do some research to find the best body pillow for you.