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How to build a sled deck? Easy and homemade way

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Sled decks are essential for UTV, motorcycle, and recreational vehicle enthusiasts, making the hobby much easier and hustle-free for the riders. The function of sled decks is easy, but it’s expensive enough if you want to buy one. So, can you make a sled deck DIY? It may look intimidating, but making your seld deck yourself is possible. This article will explain an easy and cheap way to make a sled deck with some basic crafting skills.

What parts should a sled deck have?

A sled deck is a hauling system that helps to carry your recreational vehicle in your truck. In the truck, there should be a basement where you keep your vehicle and a ramp to help you keep your car over the truck.

It’s much more convenient than towing, makes driving easy, and keeps your machine safe.

The best material to make a homemade sled deck

Wood can be one of the best and cheap ways to make your sled deck DIY. An aluminum sled deck can be an option, but not everyone has the wielding skills, and it’s expensive too. Wood makes it simple and functions well enough. But make sure the wood plunks and board you use must  be strong enough take the weight of the vehicle and you.

Steps of making a wooden sled deck

Wooden sled decks are relatively easier to make, but they can still become messy if you can not make a functional design and follow the measurements. Here are the main parts of building a homemade wooden sled deck.

Step 1: You need two thick wood plunks in the basement. Make sure to measure the deck perfectly. Attach smaller wooden plunks with the basement flops with screws. This is how you can make an intense basement for the deck. Now attach wooden boards with the base.

Step 2: If your truck has a tailgate, you must make a similar basement for the trail gate. The size and design of your sled deck depend on the style and design of your truck. So you need to be creative in designing your sled deck.

Step 3: Now, it’s time to make the ramp for the sled deck. The ramp must be long enough to keep your vehicle in the truck easily. Make a strong wood frame for the ramp.

Cut the ground part of the ramp at an angle. Attach a strong wooden board with the ramp frame and add small wooden pieces for friction. Keep some space under the deck so the ramp can fit in after moving the vehicle over the deck.

To keep the bike in the truck, first you will have to set the ramp and then drive your vehicle over the truck. Be more careful at first, as it takes some practice to do it smoothly. After that, keep the ramp under the basement and close the tailgate, and you are ready to drive the truck with your vehicle. Sled deck will meke your exotic hobby easy and hustle-free.

This is how you can easily build your homemade sled deck. You can use a wood protective layer over your sled deck to make it weather-protective.