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How does a Food and Health Blogger Make Money? Is It Difficult?

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Blogging was started as an informal sector where people used to share their thoughts or daily routines, it was never for making money, but the Internet changed it all.

Multiple professional blogs appeared, claiming they earn over $1,00,000 per month.

One of the most trending categories is food; some food and health bloggers like Madhuri Patel claimed to earn a decent income by sharing pictures, videos or articles about their favourite recipes and tutorials.

Who doesn’t like food? However, this doesn’t mean that making money is a piece of cake within this category.

It is always about consistent efforts. But what are the options?

Let’s find out!

1. Display Ads

It’s the easiest way for any food and health blogger to make money and is a reason behind a crazy number of people jumping to start a blog.

The basic requirement for display ads is a website and some traffic. Then apply to ad networks like AdSense, Mediavine, Ezoic or more with a request to run ads on your blog.

They provide a code that you must embed in your website’s codes, and the ads will start popping out. You get paid when someone clicks them or some pennies if someone sees them.

This option is usually not well paid but the easiest to start.

2. Affiliate Income

How often have you seen your favourite blogger asking you to click the link to check out the products or buy something? The reason behind this is affiliate sales. When someone purchases something using a particular link, a blogger gets paid.

More traffic will result in more people clicking the link and purchasing the product. It’s an easy yet very effective option to make money.

Bloggers usually share delicious recipes and promote their products to prepare them. That’s a small example of how affiliate marketing works.

3. Product Sales

Most bloggers take a little time to learn before jumping into selling products as it requires a winning product, consistency within the brand and a set-up to sell products with customer service.

However, the one who learns to sell products makes the most money. Think of 1000 people visiting your blog every day and 1% purchasing a product that makes $10 in profit for you. That’s $100 a day.

That’s is how most blogs make over $1,00,000 every month.

4. Brand Endorsements or Private Ads

It includes promoting a specific brand by making a video, writing an article or simply posting images. Companies use this way of marketing to reach out to the blogger’s audience interested in specific kinds of food items.

Public or display ads usually don’t bring a lot of money, but endorsements or personal ads are like gold mines for bloggers as they don’t take a lot of effort and pay the best.

The next time you see an Instagram story of a blogger promoting some company, remember he might be making money with endorsements.

5. Freelancing

When a blogger gets famous, they usually start receiving offers from big brands and hotels to come and prepare recipes for them. That makes another income stream for a blogger.

However, it’s not consistent and takes a lot of time to build that trust among the audience so that they admire you, want to see you and learn something from you.

The little things add up with time and open this option for a blogger.

Is It Difficult?

Indeed, blogging is not a full-time job, and a blogger has no surety of how much he will earn within a particular month. If you had asked me before three years, I would have said blogging is easy.

You need to share a few articles, and you will make money.

However, now things have changed. Food and health are among the most competitive industries that demand much more than writing articles or producing videos.

A successful blogger must know about digital marketing, SEO, creating connections within the industry. On top of it, they need to publish consistent content that’s interesting and different from their competitors.

The one who masters all these fields shines out to be the best blogger who makes a lot of money. At the same time, others struggle to be at the top!

Some Stats

As per SEMrush, “The food bloggers make a median monthly income of $9,169 with 42% of their income from ads and 10% from affiliate marketing.”

That’s an average income that arrives when a blogger puts consistent efforts and investment. It is also true that most blogs die within six months of starting.


Blogging is a business, and it has multiple sources of income. However, a successful food and health blogger identifies the source that works the best for him and consistently puts in the efforts to maximise his earning potential.

Also, blogging has multiple sources of income, but most bloggers only stick with one or two, like display ads or affiliate marketing.