How Can Semi-Micro Balance Suppliers Help Your Business?

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Semi-micro balance suppliers offer advanced laboratory balances for measuring minute samples with acute sensitivity. With readabilities of 0.01 mg/ 0.1 mg, these advanced balances are designed to streamline scientific work and produce reliable results ideal for data handling. Products comprise two major components – an electronic module and a precise mechanical measuring system. The device design eliminates the influence of heat sourcing on its electronics and protects its mechanical components from shocks and vibrations caused by users.

A&D Borealis

A&D Borealis semi-micro balances are a reliable solution for labs that require the highest levels of precision. The balances feature a fast stabilization time and a range of capacities to fit any needs. A self-sensitive adjustment function automatically calibrates the internal weight according to the set execution conditions (temperature change, preset time or preset interval) to ensure consistent measurements. Antistatic glass panels along with an external ionizer eliminate static electricity to reduce errors and improve measurement reliability.

The Borealis series features a 5-inch wide color touch screen and a wide array of communication options. These balances are a perfect choice for a variety of applications including research and quality assurance, science education, precision counting and production and manufacturing. A&D Weighing balances are backed by a five year manufacturer’s warranty. They are also known for being user-friendly and tough enough to withstand even the harshest laboratory conditions. With an RS232 port and an array of other communication options, you can connect to multiple computers in your lab with ease.

A&D Explorer

Taking the concept of modern features and design elements to new levels, the Explorer series of precision balances offers unmatched functionality in a line of high-performance balances unlike any other. Completely re-imagined from the ground up, these smart and intuitive balances simplify even the most complex laboratory measurements. These semi-micro balance suppliers are ideal for a variety of weighing applications including determining the difference between initial and residual weights, calculating density of solids and liquids, and more. The Explorer’s advanced application software makes these tasks a breeze with simplified, icon-driven graphical software.

The 5.7 inch color touchscreen display provides easy access to these functions and a draftshield isolates the weighing chamber from environmental disturbances like vibration. Four touchless IR sensors allow you to perform most common weighing tasks without touching the balance.

Whether you’re working with chemicals, liquids or other sample types, the A&D Weighing FX-200IN top loading scale delivers accurate results in just 1.0 second and complies to US government standards and FDA requirements. It’s also a great choice for GMP testing as it sends back reports compliant to the GMP, GLP, ISO, and GCP print format.

A&D Solis

The A&D Solis is a top notch semi-micro balance that packs several features into a small package. This includes a high-resolution display, a truma Combi Eco plus, and some clever weighing technology to boot. With an impressive 9 weighing modes, the Solis can handle some heavy lifting. A draught shield and adjustable feet are also in the mix, all while displaying a plethora of user-friendly weighing options. A&D’s semi-micro balances are an ideal solution for the lab that has a budget and a taste for tech. The best part is that they have a warranty to match! A&D has the best selection of semi-micro weighing systems in the industry. Contact us today to get a quote or schedule a demo! – we can even bring one to your location.

A&D Weighing Systems

A&D Weighing Systems manufactures and supplies a variety of electronic balances, scales, weighing indicators and controllers. The company’s focus is on achieving high performance, reliability and accuracy through innovative technology and smart design. Founded in 1977, A&D has built a reputation as one of Australia’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of weighing equipment. They are trusted by industry sectors including food, pharmaceuticals, education, healthcare, testing, mining, agriculture and manufacturing.

With a wide range of Semi-micro balance suppliers, A&D provides solutions for many of your weighing challenges. These compact, reliable and durable scales are a must have for any laboratory or production facility. A&D’s Apollo series balances are designed with the Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) that allows for high levels of repeatability, quick readings and extremely accurate results. They also feature a new ISD shock detection that can display and record impacts to determine when and how strong the impact was. A&D’s exclusive Automatic Count Accuracy Improvement (ACAI) improves performance by automatically calculating the initial average piece weight.


Semi-micro balance suppliers offer high precision laboratory balances for research and quality assurance facility; science education; precision counting; and production and manufacturing applications needing exceptionally precise results. Equinox, Solis and Luna balances bring remarkable precision to labs that perform highly detailed testing. Designed with color touch screen displays and icon-driven menus, these balances deliver a user experience that’s intuitive and easy to navigate.