Honey Sticks – A Natural Sweetener

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Sometimes called honey sticks or honey straws, this is a fun way to share your homegrown honey with others. It also makes a great portable snack and natural energy booster. This project works best with processed honey that won’t crystallize – but some flip-top bottle honey may work too. You will need a condiment bottle with a narrow opening that is heat sealed at one end.

How To Make Honey Straws

If you harvest honey from your own bee hives or buy it locally, making your own honey sticks is an easy way to share small amounts or offer samples at a market. They are also great to use for a quick snack on the go! Start by warming up the honey. This makes it more pourable so it’s easier to work with. You can warm it in the microwave or over a bowl of hot water. This is especially important if you are using raw honey that will crystalize.

Next, use a heat sealer (also called a vacuum sealer) or a candle flame to melt one end of the straw. If you are using a candle, make sure it is in a safe place and not close enough to catch fire! Once the straw is sealed, remove it from the flame.


Honey sticks, also known as honey straws or hickies are convenient, easy-to-use shots of honey that can be easily added to drinks without making a mess. They are a great snack for people who have a sweet tooth or who need an energy boost. They are also a great option for children to carry with them for snacks on the go. To make a honey stick, first you will need some plain honey. You can use any kind of honey you prefer, but try to find some that is made primarily from one type of flower to give it a more distinctive flavor.

Next, you will need a few other ingredients that are necessary to create the honey stick. You will need a pair of pliers to hold the straw as you heat it with the candle and another pair to crimp it closed with (while still hot) once you have filled the straw. Be very careful when using the pliers as they can burn you if they get too close to the flame or hot plastic.


Whether you’re looking to add a bit of sweetness to your morning cup of tea or need a quick energy boost during the day, honey sticks are an easy and convenient way to enjoy one of nature’s sweetest gifts. Also known as honey in straw or honey stix, these tasty little treats are the perfect snack for kids and adults alike.

For beekeepers who have harvested their honey for the year, these unique honey snacks are a great way to market their harvest and make a bit of extra cash. The best part is that you can make these sweet treats yourself using a simple process. The first step in making a honey stick is to seal off one end of the straw. This can be done by using a hot plate, candle flame, or plier jaws (but be careful as heated plastic and plier jaws can cause serious burns). Once sealed, it’s ready for the next step.


You can make these honey sticks quickly if you do a lot of them at once. They are a great activity for kids to get involved with and make a nice little treat for the whole family. It is recommended to make these as soon as you can – before the honey starts seeping through the bottom. Then you can use a heat sealer to close off the end and keep them in the fridge until needed. This will give them an extended shelf life.

You can also add other flavors and colors if you would like. We offer these in our store as a fun way to sample our honey. They make a great gift for children and adults as well. They are a convenient way to take honey with you on walks, bike rides and work. Some say a teaspoon of raw honey can help with allergies as well. Try our infused elderberry honey stick!

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Whether you’re looking for a natural sweetener for tea or that boost of energy when traveling or hiking, honey sticks are a great solution. These 6.5” long straws contain pure honey and are hermetically sealed. Also known as honey stix or honey straws, they’re easy to eat as a snack or stir into beverages. They’re also a wonderful DIY gift for any occasion.