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Here’s Why You Should Use Kior’s At-Home Laser Hair Removal Device!

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Searching for the ideal hair removal method, we have tested out multiple different products. But none of them seems as innovative and functional as the at-home laser hair removal device by Kior. Read on to learn why you should use Kior’s at home laser hair removal device.

Is the At-Home Laser Hair Removal Device by Kior Functional?

While talking about the Kior laser hair removal device, it is crucial to discuss what makes this hair removal device better than others. The at home laser hair removal device by Kior is a permanent hair removal device that uses laser rays to remove unwanted body hairs for a prolonged period.

Usually, at home hair removal methods like epilator, waxing, and threading, remove hair temporarily. But the at-home laser hair removal device by Kior provides you with a luxurious dermatologist’s clinic treatment just at home. 

Painless and Permanent Hair Removal At Your Fingertips

Upon hearing about its at home laser hair removal device, we tested it out to test whether its quality is up to the mark. Honestly, we were utterly surprised to see the optimal quality performance of the Kior device.

Typically, handheld hair removal devices aren’t that efficient. That is why many people prefer salons and clinics for getting their unwanted hair removed. But Kior has brought convenience to life, removing hair from roots without causing any skin damage or pain, leaving the skin smooth, hair-free, and flawless.

Kior Laser Hair Removal Device – The Best Value for Your Money!

The best part about the at-home laser hair removal device by Kior is its price range. Similar permanent hair removal sessions can collectively cost around $5k to $8k. In contrast, the Kior hair removal device costs you not even a quarter of what you pay at a dermatologist’s clinic.

Moreover, the Kior device is a one-time investment. The permanent hair removal treatment can last up to three to four years only. Thus, you may have to visit the dermatologist clinic and pay the whopping price again. But if you opt for the Kior hair removal device, you don’t need to purchase the device again and can use this product repeatedly.

Who Can Use Kior Hair Removal Device?

Unlike the typical hair removal products, the at-home laser hair removal device by Kior is intended for people of every skin type. Even people with sensitive skin types can easily use this device as it uses restricted levels of laser radiation. 

However, the effectiveness of this device may depend upon the person’s skin color. Actually, the laser from the Kior device targets melanin pigment in the skin and removes hair through it.

If your skin has a high melanin content (deep skin tone), you may require more Kior sessions to remove hair permanently. However, if you have a light skin tone, implying that your skin has less melanin pigment, then within a few sessions, your hair will get removed from the roots.

The Final Cut

If you seek an affordable yet efficient permanent hair removal treatment, then the at-home laser hair removal device by Kior is ideal. The Kior device is also suitable for use by teenagers, which ultimately expands its usage range.