reviews for buying Instagram Followers in India

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In the series of reviewing various products and services, today we review

According to their official website:

“We’re an Social Media agency with a heart, taking great pride in helping our clients. GrowthX customers around the globe are growing their social reach, getting more Instagram followers, and building big audiences within minutes.”

Now let’s get insights about this company.

As they are providing paid Instagram Followers Service, so we started to investigate with their own Instagram Profile.

Here is the Instagram Profile of

At the time of writing this article, their Instagram Profile has a good number of followers.

They have 21,536 followers on their Instagram Account. This is really a good number actually.

Now let’s see their posts.

Their 1st post have only & only 8 likes. Their second post has 2 likes and their 3rd post has 7 likes.

Out of those 21K followers they have only 2-10 likes each post??

LOL, it is a clear symbol that all of the followers on their Instagram account are fake. A company which is providing Instagram Growth Service can not grow it’s own Instagram Profile. This is really pathetic.

So, it is strongly advised that don’t use growth x social for Instagram Growth Services. They will fill your Instagram account with fake or BOT followers, the company is not going to give you any real value.

Is GrowthX Social Legit?

When we visited their official contact page: We found that email id and contact number is mentioned on the page as follows: (or) Call us on +91 6301752182

Is it a good symbol that they have mentioned the mobile number. But No physical address is mentioned on their ‘Contact Us’ page, neither they have mentioned any company name etc. So it creates a little doubt if GrowthX Social is Legit or fake.

So what are the best alternatives to GrowthX.Social?

Now we began to search the internet for the best websites in India providing Real Instagram Followers in India.

We found following interesting post on the internet:

Above website compared 5 companies providing Instagram Growth Services in India:

  4. Social King
  5. GrowthX Social

Out of the above 5 companies, is declared #1 company providing best Indian followers on Instagram.

So we began to investigate

According to the official website of

“ was started in 2021 under the company bGlide Softwares Pvt Ltd having authorized capital of 52 Lakhs.

Later we shifted a1 insta in a newly incorporated company bGlide Infotech Private Limited.

bGlide Infotech Pvt Ltd is the 9th company to bGlide Group. The group had its presence in India, Singapore, Dubai & UK.”

This really seems to be a 100% legit and genuine website which is being operated under a reputed group. is a legit website if you want to buy Instagram Followers India

We also found some good customer reviews for their Instagram Followers service.

Don’t trust on instagram followers increase apps in the market, they provide fake followers. I always trust on a1 insta only.
– Mohd. Azhar

Great service and I like that you gave us a trial before buying the main package!
– Poonam

I tried buying followers on many websites. All were providing fake followers. Then I tried a1insta. A1insta provided me good followers. Now I have already purchased 10K pack.
– Sachin Shah

So the reviews also seems to be compelling. 

Other websites regarding Paid Instagram Followers in India:

  • Social King

You must check reviews of various companies on the internet before paying to anyone.

How to check if a website provides real or fake Instagram Followers

Brand influencers are a great way for brands to grow their audience, create social proof and generate user-generated content. Before collaborating with an influencer, brands should carefully vet them. Fake followers are something brands need to be aware of.

This level of following may seem surprising, but brands need to be aware that fake followers can be purchased or obtained for free. These social media users may access fake followers in order to increase their following and appeal to more influential people than they are.

Brands that work with influencers need to check for fake followers before deciding whether or not they want to partner with you on Instagram or TikTok.

Take a look at their followers

Look through the account of potential brand influencers before you reach out to them. It is easier than you might think to determine if your influencer has been followed by fake profiles. Here are the facts:

These red flags are to be avoided

Followers who haven’t posted photos or posts: It is possible to assume that fake followers are following an influencer. Brands should be on the lookout for influencers who have a large following and use “spammy” usernames.

Spam comments and irrelevant comments: It’s easy for influencers to assume their followers are active if they have a lot of comments. Take a look at a few photos, and then scan the comments. If comments seem irrelevant or gibberish they are likely to be fake followers.

Follow/Follow “fan-buying services”: You might find one or two fan buying accounts if you look at their followers and follow them. This is a huge indicator that the influencer may be gaining fake Instagram followers.

You can check the engagement of your followers

It is reasonable to expect that accounts with thousands of followers will have high engagement rates. This can be figured out by brands comparing the number and quality of their followers with the number of likes, comments, and shares. Many Instagram and TikTok accounts have high engagement rates, but they may also have many fake followers. Divide the number of comments and likes by the number of followers to calculate engagement rates.

These numbers can be used as a guideline for gauging follower engagement. To calculate the average engagement rate, take the last 10 photos of the user and add the total number and likes to them. Divide this number by the number followers. You should still verify that their engagement is genuine.

Many Instagram users have discovered that paying for paid accounts can make them money as an influencer. This can be detrimental to their authenticity and influence. It is possible to quickly check followers for spam accounts or comments. This will allow you to determine if comments and likes have been left by real followers. While spam accounts and fan-buying sites may follow some legitimate accounts, it is best to not partner with someone who has a lot of fake followers.