Grape – Discover New Possibilities With AI-Enabled Tools For Smart Contract Development 

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As we move further into the digital age, decentralization and security of our financial systems are becoming a top priority. When it comes to smart contracts, traditional methods are proving inadequate for the task at hand.

In this exciting context, Grape is planning to lead the way by introducing AI-enabled tools for smart contract development. This innovative technology brings us one step closer to achieving a secure and reliable global economy.

The project has been creating lots of excitement, beginning with an announcement by the team on Cointelegraph. Read on to discover more about Grape’s impressive roadmap and how you can join this revolutionary project today.

What Do You Need to Know About Grape?

In case you’ve never heard about Web4, it’s a new generation of decentralized applications that promises to revolutionize the way we interact with the Internet. Grape is a layer one platform designed to provide developers with the tools they need to create and deploy powerful Web4 applications.

Its decentralized infrastructure, called VINE, provides an extra level of security as well as high transaction processing speeds.

Additionally, it features smart contracts, reliable data storage, and more. With its advanced technology, Grape is at the forefront of blockchain innovation and has the potential to become an essential part of the future.

Overcoming the Existing Barriers in the World Economy

Grape has set out to tackle the core issues that have been preventing the true decentralization and global mass adoption of blockchain and web3 technologies. Through its Layer One Ecosystem, powered by its DAG-based distributed ledger technology Vine, Grape is actively working to solve these barriers.

The complete ecosystem provided by Grape allows for the development of complex decentralized applications without any hard limits on transaction processing. This will enable users to quickly and easily create a wide range of assets and applications in minutes to hours rather than months or years.

At the same time, Grape is striving for true decentralization through their DAG core without supernodes or back doors. This makes it completely user-powered and 100% decentralized while also providing the capability to scale up to 700,000+ transactions per second with only 15 individual user nodes.

Additionally, they offer compatibility with existing systems like EVM and integration into commonly used Web2 technologies. Furthermore, Grape is helping drive the decentralized finance revolution through their partnerships which offer the convenience of fiat with the privacy of cryptocurrency.

Unveiling Grape’s Innovative Roadmap

Grape, a decentralized platform, is currently in the second quarter of 2023. As part of their innovative roadmap, they plan to:

  • Launch a decentralized file storage system in Q3 2023, allowing users to securely store their data on-chain.
  • Launch their mainnet in Q4 2023, including fiat onramp and interoperable NFTs.
  • Introduce authentication to wallets using biometrics in Q1 2024, including DEX, Launchpad, and Marketplace, as well as Web3-as-a-Service.
  • Sharding of the mainnet is planned for Q2 2024.

Grape’s roadmap is a testament to its commitment to revolutionizing Web3 and offering its users the most cutting-edge technologies. Their innovative roadmap is sure to bring novel solutions to users of their platform.

How Can You Join Grape Today?

Grape is offering two exciting opportunities for users to get GRP tokens prior to its full launch.

  • The first is through their seven whitelist distribution rounds, which are limited in participation. Users can head to to take part in the distribution and secure the lowest prices available.
  • The second opportunity is through their airdrop. To increase the chances of getting up to $1 million USD in GRP, users should join Grape’s socials, tweet about them, join the testnet, and take part in email blasts. Even better chances at whitelisting and a super drop can be attained by inviting people to help build the Grape community. All the information on how to join is available at

Therefore, by joining early on in Grape’s platform, users have the chance to not only secure the lowest prices but also potentially benefit from their substantial airdrops.

What Does Grape’s Future Look Like?

Grape is revolutionizing Web3 with its advanced technology and innovative roadmap. With their Layer One Ecosystem, powered by DAG-based distributed ledger technology Vine, Grape is actively working to overcome the existing barriers in the world economy while striving for true decentralization without supernodes or back doors.

They are also offering two exciting opportunities – whitelist distribution rounds at and an airdrop through – for users to get GRP tokens prior to its full launch.

It’s clear that Grape has immense potential as it continues on its journey of creating a decentralized global future and unlocking new possibilities within blockchain innovation.

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