Puffer Jackets

Going Vegan with Puffer Jackets: An Opinionated Choice

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Today, winter gear has seen advancements that help people get style options without compromising on comfort. Undoubtedly winter jackets are must-haves and, there’s chaos when buying one due to versatile yet confusing options. Puffer Jackets have been a timeless choice on the list, with both warmth and style equally. When jackets and boots have all been about animal-based leather, there is still an option vegan people would love to have. Most people would be aware of puffer jackets insulated with down. But a vegan puffer jacket usually has fillings made out of animal-free synthetics and is just the right choice for vegans!

Knowing more about puffer jackets

Puffer jackets have become staple fashion wear throughout winters. Also, if you camp or live in regions that are extremely cold and rainy as well, there’s nothing better than buying a puffer jacket. Their geometric stitch designs have made these jackets stand-alone winter wear. Luckily, you still have options and choose between horizontal, vertical and diamond-shaped puff or have one from all of them! Other unique shapes include triangular and crisscrossed geometric shapes. Unlike what it seems, puffer jackets aren’t bulky! Here is everything about them,


Puffer jackets, especially those with synthetic fillings, are remarkably lightweight. Yet, they do not compromise on the warmth factor. However, if you want a bulky, packed jacket for extreme winters, you can go up with the density and loft of insulation factors.


Puffer jackets are moisture-resistant and best suits monsoons to regulate the body temperature without keeping it too hot! That is, these jackets do not absorb water and keep you away from feeling wet.


Puffer jackets are short in length and ride up to the stomach. Also, these jackets have a high neck to keep you warm during breezy or intense storms. Some jackets also come with hoods.

Benefits of buying vegan puffer jackets

Almost 2.5 million Australians have switched to an all-vegan diet, says a survey from 2020. And, one way you benefit from buying a vegan puffer jacket is enjoying all the benefits of the jacket type with zero guilt. Knowing that no animal suffered any harm can give all animal lovers a sense of relief. Also, most vegan jackets are easier to clean and maintain! You need not care too much for your vegan jackets as you do for the real leather ones in your closet.

It is also true that vegan jackets have better water-resistant capacities than leather jackets because vegan synthetics are less porous. Eventually, these jackets have a quick-dry property and serve as a grab to use gear during wet winters. Also, when you go with puffer jackets out of vegan leather, you enjoy cost-saving benefits too! Lastly, vegan jackets can live longer in your closets despite regular usage. The fact that vegan leather is stain and waterproof makes it a better life than animal-based jackets!

Buying vegan jackets

When you opt for buying vegan jackets, it is highly essential to check if the product is genuine. Do not overlook the product spec even though you shop on a vegan section when you shop online. Alternatively, check the labels when you shop at the stores. To begin with, know vegan alternatives. Here is a list of some,


Also, never forget to watch out for a leather symbol based label. In case there is a label with a leather symbol, it means the product is not vegan. Instead, if there is a sticker saying textile or other materials, it could be animal-free. The best is to ask for assistance and find genuine online stores selling vegan-based products.