Gemstone Rings

Gemstone Rings Enhance The Elegance of The Wearer

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Jewelry is something that is loved by everyone as it is a way of uplifting the aura and making a statement about the person. It’s not necessary to buy jewelry made with gold; instead, going for the sterling 925 silver jewelry, which has gemstone embedded in them, is a great choice. As the topic suggests, we are going to learn about gemstone rings, so let’s discuss the Melo Melo Pearls.

Moonstone Ring

The mystical moonstone ring is one of the most popular gemstones in the gem world, holding innumerable healing energies in it. This stone has a connection with the powers of the moon and is the stone of beautiful emotions, increasing inner wisdom and connecting one with the higher spiritual energy. Furthermore, the significance of this gemstone covers the wearer with the cocoon of warmth and love as it is famous for promoting love energies. Moreover, the ring looks beautiful in the hand of the wearer and is highly regarded in US and European markets.

It is basically the mineral from the feldspar family and has the silver-white reflection, which is known as chatoyancy. Moonstone ranges from transparent to opaque in terms of appearance and is available in varieties of hues like white, blue, peach, grey, brown, and even in mixed color known as the rainbow color moonstone. The stone lies on 6.5 at the Mohs scale toughness and is known for its unique shinning antler rings.

Larimar Ring

The blue Caribbean stone is the exquisite blue color gem that perfectly reflects the water of the Caribbean sea, as it is the source of its origin. However, Larimar didn’t actually come from the water, but instead, they are formed deep inside the volcanic mountains of the Dominican Republic. They were splashed all over during the volcanic eruption and were trapped in the mountains.

These gemstone crystals like lithotherapy have added natural charms to make it sought after. The dark blue color gemstones with the white cloud-like swirl are the most valuable and desired gemstones. Moreover, you can even see the tints of green, brown, or red color due to the presence of other minerals—jewelry ornaments like the Larimar ring grace the appearance of the wearer with its magnificence.

Moldavite Ring

The powerful gemstone has a number of spiritual metaphysical properties, as it can help connect the person with the divine mind to bring higher spiritual level energies. Moreover, holding this crystal for the first time can make the person feel the intense heat with its more substantial stimulating power. The greenstone ranges from the forest dark to olive, pale green color with transparent to translucent to opaque in appearance. People say that these moldavite crystals have fallen to the earth during the meteoroid activity 15 million years ago. No one will ever regret it if they buy the green moldavite ring, as the beauty of this gem is incomparable.

Opal Ring

The magical opal is such a powerful gemstone that has come from a unique and special place. It is a beautiful stone for bringing true friendship, loyalty, and good vibes to life. It attracts an abundance of emotions and money with it and is suitable for protecting its wearer against the ill-wishes. Opal ring is worn for bringing enthusiasm and stamina, and the best way to discover its true meaning is to experience it by wearing it. It has the ability to soothe the soul and bring transformation in life. Moreover, it improves communication by providing confidence to the wearer. As the elegant ring looks stunning when worn with any kind of attire, from casual clothes to red-carpet events.

Turquoise Ring

The Turquoise is the beautiful blue-green gemstone known for its excellent healing properties and beauty. Many people prefer to wear the Turquoise ring, bracelet, or pendant to bring success and wealth in life. People believe that wearing this gemstone will keep them away from all kinds of problems by being their guard. In addition, it enhances the glow of the person and makes their personality look different and elegant.

February Birthstone Ring

Amethyst ring is worn as the February Birthstone ring, as it has particular energies for the ones born in the month of February. It is the purple color gemstone that can impress anyone with its ultimate appearance. They even have a reddish-purple tinge which enhances their beauty twice. It is a durable gemstone and is cut into various shapes, making it more versatile.

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