Features To Look For In A Poster Maker

Most of us are heavily reliant on the internet today when it comes to making purchases. Be it books, movies or electronics-we do our research online and buy everything via the World Wide Web. If you are looking to purchase a poster maker though, you probably will not find any good options within your budget range. While there are numerous types of poster-making machines available online, you have to be careful when it comes to choosing the one that suits your requirements.

Posters are an age-old promotional medium, but they are still effective in grabbing people’s attention. Be it a product launch event or even a lifestyle change like quitting smoking; posters made on your computer with the help of poster maker software are effective in grabbing people’s attention within no time.

Today, there are various types of poster-making software available online. Since most of them are being used by novice users, it is difficult to choose one without doing enough research. Read reviews and gather relevant information before opting for a particular product. To give you an idea about the factors that you should consider when choosing a poster maker software, here are 11 features that every good poster-making software should have:

1. Make A Poster With Internal Layers

An effective poster maker tool would let the user add layers to their work easily. There are many instances where users want to make changes later on after creating a draft. In such cases, layers make it easy for users to go back and make the necessary changes without affecting the other elements in the poster.

2. Text Editing In The Online Poster Maker

Adding text to a poster is one of the most basic functions that any poster maker software should offer. However, not all software offers good text-editing features. Make sure that the software you are opting for has options for changing font, size, and color of text easily.

3. Font Library With The Custom Poster Maker

A good font library is another important feature that you should look for in a poster maker program. Fonts play a key role in making your poster visually appealing and attractive. A good font library would offer different font faces and styles that can be used to add style and appeal to your work.

4. Image Editing

Images are an important part of any poster. Good image editing features would let you resize, crop, and adjust the brightness and contrast of your images to make them look better on the poster.

5. Paper Sizes & Orientation

A poster is generally printed on large size paper, but one also has the option of creating different-sized posters on their computer. Make sure that your software allows you to choose from a list of standard paper sizes available online. Also, check whether it offers features for changing the orientation (portrait or landscape) of the poster.

6. Backgrounds and Borders For A Poster Template

A good poster maker tool would let you add callout boxes, backgrounds, and borders as per your requirements, without compromising on the original design of your work.

7. Export Options

Once you are done with creating your poster, it is important to have export options that let you save it in the desired format. Different software offer different export options. Make sure that you are aware of the format that your software exports posters in and whether it is compatible with other software or devices.

8. Positioning Controls

If you wish to use the same text or image in more than one place on the poster, good positioning controls would come in handy. This feature would let you reposition elements easily without having to create them again from scratch.

9. Printing Options

Once the poster is ready, you would want to print it out for display. Some software offers good printing options, while others do not. Make sure that the software you choose has good printing features so that you can get high-quality prints of your poster.

10. Multiple File Types

A good poster maker software would let you save your work in different formats. This is important because it gives you the flexibility to choose the right format according to your requirement. For instance, if you want to share your poster online, you can save it in a format that is compatible with the web. On the other hand, if you want to print it out, you can save it in a format that is suitable for printing.

This will also be advantageous if you’re planning to add an infographic template or two, which you can find on Venngage.

11. Availability of Support Even For A Free Poster Maker

Lastly, it is important to have some kind of support if you are using a trial version or new software. There may be times when you face glitches while creating your poster. Good software would offer quick and efficient customer support so that you can resolve any issues quickly without having to worry about the overall quality of your work.


With so many poster maker software available today, it can be really hard to choose one that offers all the desired features. The key is to look at the requirements of your work and then find software that offers as many as possible of these features.