Everything you need to know about MS Word

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One of the most popular tools in the Microsoft Office suite, MS Word is a word processor created by Microsoft.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of Microsoft Word’s functions and uses. For candidates preparing for competitive exams, a few sample questions based on this Microsoft Office application are also supplied below.

To understand more about the Microsoft Office suite and the many items that are included with it, see the article that is linked.

Given that Microsoft Word is one of the Office Suite’s most frequently used apps, a brief history of its creation and development is described below:

·         Developer Charles Simonyi and software engineer Richard Brodie are credited with creating Microsoft Word.

·         Microsoft Word is the new name for a program that was formerly known as “Multi-Tool Word.”

·         It was initially shown in 1983.

·         Word for Windows is a standalone program or a component of the MS Office package.

·         Word 1.0, a version of Microsoft Word for Mac, was launched in 1985.

·         Any word document ends in “.doc” or “.docx.”

Basics of Microsoft Word

Let’s start with some Microsoft Word fundamentals.

What is Microsoft Word, exactly?

Create documents, letters, reports, and other written materials of a professional caliber with MS Word, a word processor created by Microsoft.

You can format and change your files and documents using its advanced features to the best of your ability.

What are some uses for Microsoft Word?

Users use Microsoft Word can create documents, resumes, contracts, and other types of documents. One of the most used Office products is this one.

How can I create a Word document with Microsoft?

Launch Microsoft Word as mentioned above to create a document. After the software has been started, select “File” and then “New.” By doing this, a fresh document is produced in which new content can be included.

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Watch the video below and quickly evaluate how Microsoft Word functions to gain a better idea of how it functions and the capabilities it has to offer.

Characteristics of MS Word

So let’s go over the features and parts of an MS Word doc file in more detail.


There are options for bullets, line spacing, alignment, font size, color, and more. All the essential features a user might need to update their page are available in the Home option.


The document may include tables, shapes, images, graphs, charts, and page numbers, among other things. These are classified as “Insert.”


You can choose the template or design in which you want your document to be created on the Design tab. The appearance of your document will be improved by choosing the proper tab.

The Page Layout tab has options for the Page Design Margin, Columns, Lines, Indentation, Spacing, and other factors.


This free word download category is particularly helpful for people who are writing books, long documents, or theses. There are options available under this tab, including citation, footnote, table of contents, caption, bibliography, and more.


You can access spell check, grammar check, thesaurus, word count, language, translation, comments, and more on the review tab. This is helpful for those whose MS Word documents are being evaluated.

In addition to the aforementioned features, the page may be customized using a variety of views and layouts that can be added and enhanced using the Word document’s View tab. To make things easier for users, margins and scales are also available.

Microsoft Word Programs

The various fields in which MS Word is used to streamline a person’s work include the following:

·         In the field of education, it is regarded as one of the simplest tools that both teachers and students may use. Because notes may be made more dynamic by adding shapes and pictures, MS Word makes note-taking simpler. It’s really straightforward to create assignments in MS Word and submit them online.

·         MS Word streamlines the process of submitting letters, bills, reports, creating letterheads, and creating sample documents in the workplace.

·         Creating and Keeping Up With a Resume: one of the best resources for making resumes that are easy to alter and modify depending on your experience

·         For authors: It is the best tool for authors to use while writing books because it gives them a variety of options for bibliography, table of contents, and other features, allowing them to customize the layout and alignment to their preferences.

How to Download and Use Free Word

Microsoft Word continues to dominate the word processing market, surpassing rivals like Google Docs and Adobe Acrobat.

Word continues to stand out from the competition despite the fact that its rivals are advancing and raising the level of competition for Microsoft, thanks to its user-friendliness, feature-rich design, and capacity for handling documents swiftly and effectively.

Due to its features, support, and user-friendly interface, we came to the conclusion in our evaluation of Microsoft Word (opens in new tab) that this software is completely necessary.

As mentioned in that article, Word currently has many more formatting options other just text, such as web page formatting, quick translation, and 3D model insertion.

Microsoft’s Word and the complete Microsoft 365(opens in new tab) suite) offer all the productivity, communication, and teamwork tools you could possibly need.

A wide variety of tools are available in the Microsoft 365 bundle, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, and Teams, to help you be more productive, connected, and organized.

As was already mentioned, Microsoft Word is now more competitive than ever, especially outside of the paywall. Microsoft decided to make free word download document in order to compete with other programs like Google Docs(opens in new tab).

Although you will have additional restrictions and some features won’t be available, most users will be fine with the free edition of Microsoft Word.

It is still possible to produce professional documents, edit and format text, and insert graphics and tables.