Elections in the UK: Leaders are Warning Voters at the last Minute!

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A day after the general election in the United Kingdom on Thursday. This UK election will not only determine who will be in control of the country, as well as what the future of Brexit (the separation of the European Union from the UK) will depend on. The leaders are warning voters about the end of the campaign. They are having a busy time reminding themselves of their promises over and over again.

In the last episode, Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister Boris Johnson are trying to emphasize the issue of Brexit. On the other hand, Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, the main opposition party, has been pushing voters to turn their attention to the culprits of the ruling Conservative government’s corruption policy for a decade.

Prime Minister Johnson Says:

Prime Minister Johnson, who is accustomed to playful behavior, sat on an outside bench in the election field yesterday. A journalist wanted to know the Prime Minister’s sentiment by showing a picture of a pneumonia baby lying on the floor of a hospital in Leeds. An ITV reporter was repeatedly drawing Johnson’s attention to the image stored on his mobile.

But Johnson did not look at the picture and tried to outline his commitment to the development of healthcare. Prime Minister Johnson took away the journalist’s mobile and packed it in his pocket. The news reporter  asked the Prime Minister, “Did you not look at the picture, took my mobile as well?” Johnson was forced out of his pocket and looked at the image and returned it. Johnson’s behavior has generated a lot of criticism.

Labor leader Corbin said in a tweet that he was clear of Johnson’s behavior that he did not address people’s health care. Putting that child on the floor is a failure of the Conservative government’s budget cut.

However, Johnson later expressed regret over the baby’s family and quickly sent Health Minister Matt Hancock to meet the baby and his family. Hancock, however, faced protests at Leeds Hospital.

The Conservatives have taken the National Health Service to the brink of collapse. The Labor Party has been trying to injure the Conservatives since the campaign began. Alleging that they would hand over healthcare to US companies if Brexit came into force. So, on Monday, Johnson’s scandal brought enormous opportunities for Labor in the campaign field. Karabin reiterated his commitment to work tirelessly to protect the national health service.


On the other hand, Prime Minister Boris Johnson today warned voters that the election was meant to end the stagnation caused by Parliament over Brexit. There is no option for the Conservative Party to return to power solely to end this deadlock.