Documents to Prepare After Pitching Your Investors

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Initiating a pitch is the start of every business plan. You need a follow up on the successful investor startup pitch decks. With the required planning and documentation to support your presentations, you’ll feel good.

The right Indian startup pitch deck will boost your confidence. A perfect startup pitch deck is bait for Small Cap Investor Relations.

Let’s check out the documents required to send after the startup pitch deck is ready!

Detailed Market Research

Sometimes, you might be asked to provide details on your target market. The market research results must be up to date in the startup pitch deck. This is bait for the angel investors. It’s always a good idea to present your market research in an excellent format. The data shouldn’t be a part of your initial pitch deck. It must be kept ready whenever you’re asked for the same.

Detailed Financial Models

Any investor who’s interested will look at the detailed financial needs. They would love to see your detailed financial forecasts for at least the next 3 years. They can get a better understanding of the underlying assumptions. This will drive your future forecasts. It’s wise to display your detailed financial models for angel investors. Every investor is interested in your hiring plans and employee-related expenses. Manufacturing costs, R&D expenses, marketing expenses and others are also important. This drive the future forecasts, that’s why investors are interested in it. Be confident enough to provide your sales forecast, profit, loss forecasts & cash flows. A balance sheet is also prepared for the same. If possible, try to visually represent your data with graphics. This will prove to be more effective to hit the right target.

Technical Documentation

If you’re about to start a medical company or a tech company, you might be asked to provide an additional letter. This is a letter related to technology. Investors always want to vet your technical claims. There must be detailed documentation with workflows, diagrams and everything that’s important.

Executive Summary

It’s a summary memo. The executive summary is long as 2-3 pages. The overview of the business is depicted in it. It’s a summary document that’s shared with the partners and others in the organization. The aim is to provide an overview of the business. The executive summary must cover what’s in your startup pitch deck. Everything must be included in a written form.


Start developing your startup pitch deck. If you’re all set to prepare a startup pitch deck, be aware of the above pointers. When you’ve done all the research on how to make a pitch deck, you’re ready. For the right preparation of the startup pitch deck, you need a pitch guide. Look for online pitching decks that deliver an impactful elevator pitch. You’ll definitely find all the resources to perfect your pitch online.

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