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Dental Assistant Salary- In Rising Demand

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A career as a dental assistant is a great career choice if you are looking for job security and a steady salary. According to government reports the demand for dental assistants will increase as more people seek out dental services and more attention is placed on better oral health. To provide better care and serve more patients, dentists will continue to employ assistants. For those who want to pursue this career, it will mean a higher salary for dental assistants.

Together with other dental auxiliary such as dental technicians and dental hygienists, assistants of dentists form an important team to provide better and more efficient services for patients. As long as they adhere to the guidelines of each State board, dental assistants assist dentists in all capacities. These include sterilizing and organizing instruments and educating patients about better oral care. 

Dental assistants with additional responsibilities as required by state laws usually get a higher salary. People with the required experience and training in tasks like coronal polishing or restorative dentistry functions are often paid a higher salary than those who are not formally certified.

As assistants assist dentists in their patient care duties, they are often close to them. Although it is common to think that assistants assist dentists in various treatment procedures, their duties are much more. These assistants are required to perform specific tasks, which require clinical and technical skills, knowledge in oral care, as well as interpersonal skills. Dental assistants create and maintain dental radiographs, prepare, sterilize and disinfect equipment and instruments used the best dentists in Ventura, take impressions of teeth for study casts, prepare materials to be used for tooth restorations, and apply topical and cavity-preventing agents. 

Some states allow experienced and trained dental assistants to perform restorative and coronal dentistry work. They also have to interact with patients frequently. It is important that they are comfortable working with all types of people. They maintain accurate medical records, give instructions for oral care before and after treatments, and teach patients how to maintain good oral hygiene. They are also responsible for administrative tasks such as ordering supplies and sending payments, scheduling appointments and conforming them. The duties of dental assistants can be quite extensive.

Although many assistants were trained on the job before, there are now more people who receive formal training from community colleges and junior colleges. These programs typically take one year and should be accredited through the Commission on Dental Accreditation. These formally trained assistants are often hired by employers and offered a higher salary. 

Most States regulate the duties and functions that medical assistants can do. This means that they usually need licensure before medical assistants can be able to perform more complex tasks. The Dental Assisting National Board’s CDA exam is a requirement for certified dental assistants. They are usually given preference when it comes to hiring, and a higher salary.

This salary base can vary depending on many factors. The work environment is one of the factors that determines how much you earn. Those who work in specialty hospitals are paid a higher salary than those who work in dentist offices. Your assistant salary will also depend on the state you work in. Alaskans are paid a higher wage than Californians. Individuals with formal training and certification are paid higher salaries than those who have more experience in the job.

It is possible to become a dental assistant if you consider other professions. This is something that many people have done before you. You should consider enrolling in an accredited training program to become certified. You must have the discipline and personal commitment to work to be successful in any job.