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The origins of the new coronavirus epidemic are known worldwide, where the number of people in that city has risen by 50% in the review.

A Xinhua report said that as of Thursday, 1,290 more people have been added to the list of the dead. There, the death toll in the coronavirus rises to 3,690 thousand.

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The number of infected patients also increased in review; The number of people has increased from 325 and the total number is 50,893.

As a result of this review, the total death toll in China has risen to 4679 which is 39% higher than the previous figure.

Researchers are speculating that a new type of coronavirus is spreading from a seafood market in Wuhan late last year.

On December 31, China announced a new type of pneumonia infection. The new coronavirus was later identified as the cause of pneumonia, called the novel coronavirus. And the disease that is infected with this virus is called COVID-19.

China first reported the death of someone with the virus on January 11. But then the virus began to spread so rapidly that a large area of ​​Hubei province. Including Wuhan was locked down in late January. Coronavirus update here.

China’s situation has been under control since the beginning of March due to various drastic measures. But in those days, the spread of the virus in Europe and the United States has started to get widespread.

According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University, in the last three and a half months since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, 21 million 3,000 people have been infected and 3 million people have died.

Trauma and death – the United States is now at the top of both. The infection has been detected in 678,210 people, and 34,641 people died.

And so far, China has given the data of 82,692 people affected, as well as 4,632 deaths.

Western countries were sceptical and mistrustful of the number of deaths and deaths in China compared to other countries. US President Donald Trump has repeatedly raised the question.

According to a BBC report quoting Chinese residents, the country’s government had fixed a huge vacuum to interview the dead at COVID-19. From February to March there are hundreds of people daily; But much less said.

According to a Washington Post report, the bodies were burned at the Hancock Cremation Center in Wuhan for over 19 hours every day. The report estimates that more than 40,000 people could have been killed there alone in 12 days until April 1.

Lockdown was lifted from Wuhan on April 5 after a three-month blockade. The municipal authorities also gave an explanation of the number of injuries and deaths after more than a week.

The reason for the increase there is that many patients have died at home without medical treatment, which has been out of account for so long. As the number of patients increased, there was also a mistake in keeping the hospital accountable, which was corrected in the review.