Buying A Realistic Lightsaber

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Whether you’re into Star Wars or not, a realistic lightsaber can be a cool toy or gift. Besides the fact that they’re incredibly cool to look at, they can also be used for real combat.

Disney’s New Retractable Lightsaber

Earlier this year, Disney Parks and Resorts announced that they were working on a new lightsaber for their Star Wars themed hotels and attractions. They had not released much information about the new lightsaber prior to the announcement. However, they did reveal the first official look at the lightsaber at a recent investor event.

The lightsaber in question is a fully retractable blade that is designed to play into the storyline of the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser immersive hotel that is set to open in 2022. It features a special hub where guests can learn the ancient ways of the lightsaber. Realistic lightsaber is not the only attraction in the works. Disney has also teased a lightsaber training hub at their California resort that will allow guests to face off against a wall-mounted remote training device.

Saberforge’s Light Saber

Whether you’re looking for an entry level saber for a kid, or you’re looking for something that can stand up to heavy dueling, Saberforge’s realistic light saber is a good choice. The company makes several different models of lightsabers, all of which are built to last. You can also customize the blade with parts to create your own custom saber.

The saber is made from a high quality aerospace grade T6061 billet aluminum. The blade is one inch in diameter, and the neck is thin. It’s also got a threaded tip. The blade is sturdy and feels balanced. It’s also able to extend 24 inches in less than a second. The LED light inside the blade can cause eyestrain, though, so you may want to put a cover over it.

Saberforge’s YDD Saber

YDD Saber is a relatively new company in the lightsaber business. They’re known best for their budget-priced custom sabers. The company, headquartered in North Carolina, also offers a variety of other saber based products like sound sabers and empty hilts. The YDDSABER is a no-frills, low-cost saber with a number of impressive features.

The YDDSAMER is not the only low cost, high quality lightsaber on the market. In fact, it’s a good bet that you’ll find more than one of them on the table in your local toy store. The company’s name is a bit of a mouthful, but the product is still worth checking out.

Ultra Sabers’ Ultra Sabers Take A Real Beating During Fights

Whether you are new to lightsaber combat or an experienced duelist, Ultra Sabers offer you the best choice for custom lightsabers. These battle-ready sabers are made from aircraft aluminum blades and high-end materials. They come with sound effects and motion-activated light effects. They are perfect for LARPing, dueling and other combat sports.

If you want to make your saber stand out from the rest, you can select the Premium “Obsidian” class sound. This feature includes sound fonts, customizable sound effects and other features. It will make everyone around you roar when you clash with your saber. You can choose from thousands of hilts and accessories. You can also have your own custom hilt made. You can even customize your fighting style and color. The process of ordering your custom saber is much simpler than with other manufacturers. The prices are relatively reasonable.

Rey’s Real Lightsaber

Earlier this year, Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro announced that the company was working on a real lightsaber that would be available for guests on the new Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser. Double bladed lightsaber company didn’t announce exactly how the lightsaber would work, but it appears that it will be fully retractable.

When the blade is retracted, the flexible strip of LED lights inside the tube coils inside the blade. The cap connects to the end of the strip, completing the silhouette of the blade. The blade is a two-spool plastic construction. A small light is attached to the center of the blade. It glows when the blade is activated, helping to create the extension effect.

Last Word

However, you are looking for a toy or a collector’s item, the realistic lightsaber is a fun and entertaining addition to your collection. Its features include a retractable blade, motion-detecting features and a sound effect. The lightsaber also boasts a number of other interesting features. The hilt has a few buttons and an illuminated blade, making it a great choice for any Star Wars fan.