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BitcoinAsia Is Transforming The Travel And Tourism Industry

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BitcoinAsia has taken a novel approach to travel and tourism that’s poised to transform the entire industry. For the first time, rather than travelers needing to leap between payment platforms as necessary depending on where they are on their travel journey, they can pay seamlessly through a single platform throughout their journey’s entirety.

This comes as travelers see an increase in the acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a legitimate form of payment for travel and tourism related services throughout Asia, despite China’s initial reluctance to Bitcoin. The simultaneous expansion of access to crypto assets across geographic regions and economic classes and the invention of new cryptocurrencies suggests that trend will only advance.

With the BitcoinAsia Travel app, travelers can enjoy a variety of payment structures, including payments in cryptocurrencies. While many services already offer this possibility, they’re only compatible with a single cryptocurrency. BitcoinAsia, however, despite its name, doesn’t merely accept Bitcoin; it also accepts Ether, BTCA (BitcoinAsia token) and USDT (US Dollar token). Down the line, BitcoinAsia aims to accept transactions in additional cryptocurrencies as well.

This means you don’t need a particular vendor on your travel journey to accept cryptocurrency (or a particular cryptocurrency) in order to pay for their products or services; the BitcoinAsia app does it for you, taking your crypto deposits and making payments in the vendor’s preferred form.

In addition to the app, travelers also have access to the convenient BitcoinAsia Travel website to perform such actions as checking their itineraries and travel packages. They can also use the website to find services they’d like to buy, whether food and lodging or recreation, and book reservations using cryptocurrency. All payments using BitcoinAsia’s Travel app are quick and secure as well. Travelers will be able to use BitcoinAsia to pay with cryptocurrency for every aspect of their travel journey, including flights, transportation, travel insurance, accommodations, meals and even sightseeing excursions.

At this time, BitcoinAsia only serves the continent of Asia. The company does, however, have plans to expand services to other continents as well. Still, by booking across all Asian destinations, BitcoinAsia offers coverage in 48 countries, including top travel hotspots in the region such as:

The process of booking travel through BitcoinAsia Travel further simplifies the travel experience for users of cryptocurrencies. All it requires you to do is browse for your chosen destination, select your preferred travel package and request a quote. BitcoinAsia’s travel experts will then work with you to book a customized tour package to suit your needs and desires.

BitcoinAsia was founded in 1994 in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India by current CTO Inayat Hussain and current Senior Vice President Rohit Prakash. On January 24, 2021, the company announced on Facebook the launch of its web portal. Today, BitcoinAsia boasts a staff of over ten, all singularly focused on enabling travelers to book their entire travel experience, from start to finish, using cryptocurrency for payment.

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