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Best Electric Scooters for Teenagers In 2020

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With the boom in the market for electric scooters and the ever-widening offer, it was only a matter of time before some manufacturers began to offer electric bikes, especially for teenagers.

Electric Scooters for Teenagers

The Wide Range of options available in the world of teenagers’ scooters with different power, maximum speed, braking system, etc. causes many parents to be overwhelmed and unclear what criteria to consider for the purchase.

To make your decision easier without having to consult a lot of web pages, you will find the most important aspects to consider before buying an electric scooter for teenagers also to more visit Pursuitist. You can find out the best electric scooters for teenagers with the best value for money. 

1. Razor E300 Electric Scooter

This product is essential if you have teenagers at your home, Razor comes up with some of the most unfamiliar models in the world of hurry, and the proof of that is Razor E300. It is one of the best electric scooters. This product is full of great features like the hand brake and the retractable kickstand.


The motor is chain-driven and provides enough power to exceed 15 mph (24 k / h), making it pretty good for minors

Battery timing and weight limit

When it is fully charged, the battery lasts for up to 40 minutes. It is heavy and full, allowing it to support a weight of up to 220 pounds (99 kg).

Easy to ride

So whether you’re a teenager, a girl, or an older boy, you can travel on it with ease. Its weight exceeds 50 pounds (22 kg), but you can control it because of the braking system. The back and the front, rear pneumatic tires are quite large, so you can also ride smoothly on rough surfaces. That is the reason we believe that this is one of the best electric scooters. 


  • Retractable bracket
  • Chain driven motor
  • Ideal for short trips to school


  • Battery life and power.
  • The throttle is either on or off.


Max Rider Weight     

220 Lbs (100 kg) 

Max Speed                 

15 MPH (24 KPH)


24V, lead-acid 


250W, chain-drive

Run Time               

Up to 40 minutes.


10 miles (16 km) 


Hand operated, rear


9″ pneumatic 


43 lbs (19 kg)


  • Cool electric scooter with the deck that is huge and made for teenagers.
  • You can ride up to 15 mph with a top-class motor that is chain-driven.
  • Extra-large 10-inch tires and quiet motor for a smooth ride.
  • Twist-grip throttle provides variable speed acceleration that includes tools and charger.
  • Charge time is 12 hours at the start. Charge the battery before use.
  • 12 hours is its recharge time, even if the indicator light turns green. The maximum recommended charging time is 24 hours.
  • You can ride up to 40 minutes continuously. The runtime may change depending on the conditions where you are riding, climate and/or maintenance.

Common question and answers

Can someone 5’11” comfortably ride this?

Yes, you can ride this comfortably.

Does this come with battery AND charger or do you purchase separately?

Yes, it comes with a battery and a charger. All you have to do is connect the handlebars and tighten it. Then let it charge and go for a ride.

How much to buy an additional battery? Would replacing a battery be an easy task?

I highly recommend replacing the batteries and getting a pair of 12 volt 9 amp batteries. You’ll get up to 28% longer run time than original batteries on a charge that makes enough difference.

2. Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro

You are going to love this review of Razor Pocket Mod if you like vintage scooters. Everything else is modern in this electric scooter except that it’s look is vintage. Once fully charged, it can cover the area of 10 miles(16 km), which is ideal for urban trips.

Speed and weight limit

The engine provides variable rates, and top speeds can reach 15 mph (24 k / h). It is suitable for teens and older children with a 170 pound (77 kg) weight capacity.

Charging time 

It has two twelve-volt Lead-acid batteries (24 volts total). It takes 12 hours approximately to charge fully. You can leave it charging overnight and use it the next day. 

Since this electric scooter has a seat, it is a lot comfortable and easier to sit on. It also provides some space for storage under the place, which is another great advantage. All these characteristics make it one of the best electric scooters for teenagers.


· Range of 10 miles (16 km)

· Vintage look

· Has a comfortable seat


· Struggle on high hills.

· Poor battery life.





Miniature Electric Euro-style

Item model number


Product Dimensions

50 x 18.1 x 18.9 inches


51.6 pounds


90-day warranty


High torque chain-driven motor

Maximum Range

15 miles per single charge


Age 13+

Twist-grip acceleration control



12″ pneumatic rare and front


· Vintage-inspired scooter with electric chain motor.

· The variable-speed motor can reach a speed of 15 miles per hour. 

· 12-inch tires with the rear suspension system. 

· Built-in battery works up to 10 miles on a single charge.

· Designed for ages 13 and above; maximum weight of 170 pounds with 90 days of warranty.

Common questions and answers

Can you drive it on gravel?

Yes, the ride won’t be comfortable obviously, but you can ride it on gravel.

Where can I get replacement batteries for it?

Razor sells them on their website, enter the model number, and they can send you a new one.

What is the length of this bike?

From the back of the front tire to the front of the front tire, the bike is 4′. The seat is 21 “from the ground.

3. Razor E200S Seated Electric Scooter 

The Razor E200 has an efficient, ultra-quiet chain-driven motor, just like most toys for girls and boys. It’s the twist-grip throttle and, the 24-volt battery allows the scooter to last for about 40 minutes. 

How much time will it take to charge?

It generally takes 12 hours to charge, but Razor suggests charging it for a full 24 hours even when the light turns green.

Maximum speed

Although it takes a long time to charge, you can still get a reasonable pace of 12 mph (19 kph). However, some factors can influence the speed, like the rider’s weight, weather, and use over time. 

It’s perfect for beginner riders who have little skateboarding experience. Still, it won’t take much time to get the hang of it as it’s relatively easy to operate.


· Maximum speed of 12 miles per hour

· Handles various types of terrain types 

· Pneumatic Tires


· Long charging time


· Boasting a quiet, high torque motor that is chain-driven and well-designed twist-grip throttle.

· This electric scooter is run by a 24V Seal long-life rechargeable battery system.

· It includes a manually operated rear brake, spring-loaded kickstand, sizeable 8-inch pneumatic tires and a protective seat that can be removed.

· High-performance motor with speeds of up to 12 Mph. 

· Includes rear-wheel drive for added and control and traction.



37 “x 16” x 42 “


46 pounds

Wheel type

Eight ″ pneumatic tires with light tread


Powder-coated steel frame

Recommended age

13 years and above

Weight capacity

154 pounds


Single, twist grip


40 minutes of continuous use

Maximum speed

12 miles per hour

Battery type

x2 Lithium-Ion

Charging time

24 hours


Rear only, single handle grip control. 

Common question and answers

What is the weight limit?

The E200 is recommended for ages 13 and above and offers a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds.

How long can you ride it without the battery dying?

Quite a long time but you should always keep it plugged in when you are not using it.

If the battery dies out after 40 minutes, can I still ride it with my legs or do I have to take it home?

You have to walk it back home. Batteries die quickly, and it’s best to carry the charger with you. 

4. GoTrax XR Ultra

The GoTrax XR Ultra is an excellent choice if you are looking for an electric scooter specifically designed for commuting.

Foldable and light

What sets them apart is that they are foldable and light enough to transport around the town without your looks compromised.

Safe and convenient

These can carry adults too, so you don’t have to worry if you will reach your destination in one piece. It’s designed for convenience and comfort, making it a useful form of transportation for getting around town, whether you’re going to the office, school, or shopping. 


· Responsive brake and motor

· Beautiful design

· Very light and yet solidly built


· Not so good on the hills



43.3 * 16.7 * 44 inches

Unit weight                         

275 Lbs

Motor Watt                       

300W motor


36V LG Battery 7.0AH

Driving distance

17 Miles / Depending on terrain and riding habits.

Maximum speed

15.5 mph / Depending on driving habits and terrain

Tire size                             

8.5 “

Brake system

EABS 4 disc brake

LED light                          

Ultra-bright LED headlight

Frame Material                

Aluminum Alloy


· This XR Ultra Riding Scooter is fitted with a single-step folding portability system. Aluminium material to improve stability and a select red safety button to prevent the handlebars from folding while riding 

· LG 7.0AH high capacity battery with a maximum range of 17 miles under optimum conditions. Our smart battery management system ensures battery safety and prolongs battery life

· This adult electric scooter features a quiet 300W motor, a top speed of 15.5mph, and a max load of 220 lbs. Tackle steep 15 ° hills easily, 

· Features disc braking and anti-lock braking system for safe and responsive braking at maximum speed.

· LED display shows current speed, speed modes, battery life and headlight. 

Common questions and answers

Will this work for an 11-year-old boy 4 “2? 

Yes. It will work. 

Does it have a headlamp?

Yes, of course. The headlamp is very bright at night. 

Do speed readings show MPH? 


5. Segway Ninebot Max Electric Kick Scooter

The Segway Ninebot Kick scooter Max doesn’t appear like a science-fiction film, but what’s missing in design compensates for its performance. The MAX is an excellent high-end scooter with substantial upgrades. Long and comfortable ride

It’s one of the most beautiful electric scooters for those who want a long and smooth ride. This new generation of electric scooter is more powerful than ever. MAX is the best choice for a high-quality, comfortable ride and offers an extra-long range. 

Tubeless pneumatic types

Tubeless tires give you superior driving comfort, and front, rear and brake LED lights to ensure your safety while driving. 


· Plenty of foot space

· High acceleration/speed without being dangerous 

· The headlamp works well for the night. 


· Sport mode only exceeds 16mph until the battery is below 80%


Scale (unfolded)

45.9 x 18.6 x 47.4

Scale (folded)

45.9 x 18.6 x 21.0.


41.2 lbs

Size of wheel

10-inch, inflatable.


40 miles away


42V, 2.9 A;

Top speed

18.6 mi / h

Max Weight of rider

220 lbs.


Single 350W

Time for charging

6 hours


· Using a powerful 350W engine, the Segway Ninebot MAX can touch 18 km / h, ride approximately 40.4 miles and a maximum load of 220 lbs. 

· Segway Ninebot MAX electric scooter can also be folded 

· comfortably in about 3 seconds. You can carry it on buses and trains, put it in your home, anywhere you want, quickly. 


· Mechanical and electrical antilock braking system guarantees safe braking.

· With LED display, Bluetooth capabilities, cruise control, select riding modes and mobile app connectivity for added security, firmware updates and more.

· Segway’s Ninebot KickScooter MAX is designed to be the most robust and most powerful electric scooter. 

Common questions and answers

The maximum speed of this scooter is 15.5 mph or 18.6 mph?

In Sport mode, you can go up to 18mph, when this is fully charged, but it usually should keep you around 16mph even on an upward slope. 

How many pounds does it take

The maximum weight it will take is 220-230LBS.

Can it be documented on an aeroplane? 

No, a laptop battery is the biggest battery allowed on an aeroplane. You can’t verify it either. 

6. Razor RX200 Off-Road Electric Scooter

This is an electric scooter designed with teens in mind. If your child is over 13, you should consider purchasing this scooter for them. Razor RX200 is one of the best Razor electric scooters for ten years old and above. 

Suitable for rough surfaces and dirt

The Razor Rx200 Off Road Electric Scooter is a different model for the rural people without a lot of sidewalks or who love the outdoors and choose to ride on the dirt. This scooter has an incredibly sturdy body, which means it may be the best choice for rough use. 

High torque chain-driven motor 

The high-torque chain-driven engine gives it the strength to cruise over unpaved roads at speeds of 12 miles an hour if you’re below the weight limited. However, one thing that could be better about this scooter is battery life. 


· Strong and sturdy steel fork and frame

· Can reach a speed of 12 miles per hour

· Ideal for ages 13 and above

· Chain driven motor, zero emissions


· Poor battery life

· Long recharge time



46 lbs

Maximum speed:     

12 mph

Maximum operating time:

40 minutes

Maximum weight:

154 pounds

Charging time:             

12 hours


24-volt rechargeable battery 

Recommended age:  

13 years and up


High torque chain drive motor

Distance per charge:   

9-10 miles

Maximum speed:         

12 mph


· With the dynamic new RX200, the ride starts where pavement finishes.

· New off-road model of the classic e – scooter E200 which we all love and know.

· Includes off-road wheels, a new gear ratio and disc brakes and for high torque outdoor riding, keeping it all-terrain ready straight out of the door. 

· Advised for ages 13 and older and can assist a rider weighing up to 154 pounds.

Common questions and answers

Does it come with a charger?

Yes, the charger comes with it.

How come the shipping weight is 45 pounds?

It’s a heavy scooter with an electric motor that’s why the shipping weight is 45 pounds. 

Does it come with a helmet?

No, you have to buy one separately.

7. VIRO Rides 550E Electric Scooter with New Street Art-Inspired Look

VIRO Rides 550E electric scooter offers a classic street-art style aimed at making you look more refreshing when you ride on it.


It has a 100W motor which can run this electric scooter at a maximum speed of 10mph which is enough for kids.

Thumb-controlled throttle

And instead of using rotary throttle grip controls like its competitors do, it uses the thumb-controlled throttle for smooth operation. 

LED Lights

And for added style, it has bright LED lights on the stepping area that look cool on the ground as you make your way through the neighbourhood. 


· Easy to assemble

· Attractive design

· LED lights for more coolness


· Short battery life




Assembled Height     

36.20 ”

Assembled Length    

14.40 ”

Assembled Weight    

29.00 lbs

Assembled Width      

36.70 ”



Maximum Weight Capacity (lbs)

120.00 lbs

Recommended age  

Eight years and over


· Sleek, high-performance fully electric scooter with a top speed of 10mph and a 100-watt DC motor

· Run time on average is 40 minutes, i.e. a range of approximately 6 mile

· Easy to control thumb throttle for quick Acceleration

· High-visibility LED lights have cool ground effect lights

· Manual back brake provides maximum braking efficiency and full power during riding.

Common questions and answers

Can I add an expert assembly now?

You shouldn’t need it.

Do you need to launch to get started?


Has anybody’s kid complained about not going up the hills? 

Yes, the kids complained about the same issue. It works well on flat and only a slight incline.

8. Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter

Comfortable scooter with a long-range battery 

With a long-range 270WH battery, smooth cruising and Acceleration and a compact foldable structure, the Hiboy electric scooter are specially designed to enhance the riding experience for more comfort and efficiency. It’s also an undeniably great way to get around. 

Elegant and durable

All the geometric design frames, components and accessories come together in a simple, sleek and beautiful e-scooter that is durable and made to look good, perform great. 


· Long battery life

· Perfect for communicating

· Phone app


· Does not go up the hill



45.7 * 17.7 * 47.2 inches

Unit Weight                     

29.5 lbs

Motor power                  



8.5-inch tires 


Dual rear suspensions

Braking system              

Electronic braking and disc braking

Top speed                    

18.6 mph * Depends on riding style and terrain

Maximum Range          

17 mi The * Depends on riding style and terrain


Lithium-Ion 36 V, 7.5 Ah 

Battery charging time

6 hours


· 350W brushless electric hub motor which allows the highest speeds of 18mph.Moreover, max. Range of High capacity battery is up to 17 miles under particular conditions. 

· Extremely smooth when accelerating and turning, 

· The Hiboy E-Scooter S2 is composed of the front, central and three lights at the back. Disc braking and IBS regenerative anti-lock braking is included in Dual braking system.

· You can lock your scooter with the help of Hiboy App by pairing your electric scooter via Bluetooth, to view riding details such as battery life. 

· The Hiboy electric scooter folds up for storing efficiently in closets and car trunks, under seats of the subway and inside other close-packed spaces. 

Common Questions and Answers

I want to buy this scooter, but the nightmarish stories about the broken rear fender scare me. Is there a workaround? 

The reason it breaks is that people think you can use it as a rear brake. Old razor scooters had a back break where you step on it and put your weight on it to slow you down. This is where the thought process comes from. It’s not a rear brake so don’t use it that way, and you’ll be fine. 

How does cruise control work?

Keep the same speed for 5 seconds, and this will activate the cruise control. 

Also, you can activate/deactivate cruise control mode via the Hiboy app.

9. Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric Kick Scooter

Powerful motor and battery

The Segway Ninebot Kick scooter ES4 features a powerful motor and battery, giving it high speed and one of the best Range you can find. Fitted with internal and external lithium-ion batteries, the Segway ES4 Ninebot KickScooter has a rated capacity that doubles that of the ES2.

A smoother ride with better grip and control

Travel further and reach your destination faster than ever because this is one of the fastest electric scooters. The extra power comes with controlled Acceleration for a smoother ride and a cruise control option so you can ride in comfort. Thanks to the textured non-slip handle, you’ll enjoy better grip and control.


· Well built

· Suspension is solid

· It’s not too heavy


· Front light could be brighter. 

· Brakes can be improved. 


Maximum speed      

19 MPH


28 miles


12 month 


30.9 lbs

Motor power             

300 W (normal) / 800 W (max)

Wheel size                

8 “front – 7.5” rear




7 hours

Number of batteries


Battery capacity     

374 Wh


· With an additional lithium-ion battery and a revised engine, the ES4 provides up to 800W of energy, with a maximum speed of 19 mph, runs up to 28 miles, and supports a total weight of 220 lb.

· The Ninebot Kick scooter is stylish, lightweight and includes just one-step folding system. The customers can now take the ES4 scooter to the busses and trains, put it in your car and drive it to the destination of your choosing.

· The front and back tire shocks, fitted with big solid wheels, offer maximum comfort even when riding at high speed.

· With our LED display, Bluetooth features, stability control, custom ambient light colours and mobile app access for improved firmware and security updates, the Segway ES4 Electric Scooter blends comfort and efficiency.

· The ES4 is designed to fill the holes during your ride, whether it’s the supermarket 2 km away or the bus station across the street. Common questions and answers

I weigh 285 pounds. So, can I ride a Segway Ninebot es4 daily?

Yes, people who weigh over 285 lbs ride it daily.

Is the 28-mile Range based on using both batteries or just one?

Both the two batteries are pretty much built into the scooter already. It would be challenging to try and remove them. 

What is the maximum weight, and is there a more powerful model? 

The maximum weight is 220 lbs, and it is the most potent model. 

10. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Off-road Bike

Great for kids who want an off-road motorcycle experience

This is the best electric scooter for 11 years old and above who wants to enjoy the off-road experience of the bike. This dirt bike is an electric-powered, high-performance, scaled-down dirt bike with pure dirt bike frame geometry and Super cross-inspired design. 

Speed and continuous use

It speeds up to 14 miles per hour, and up to half an hour of constant use (up to ten miles on a single charge), you will be the prince of the Dirt Hill. The path (and fun) doesn’t finish where the pavement comes to an end & your child can discover it with the Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket. 


· The setup was quick and easy. 

· Large tires

· Adjustable handlebars


· Short run time

· Assembly required



aluminium (frame) 


torque motor, seated

Suggested age:     

13 years and over


49.0 pounds

Motor power:          

250 watts

Wheel Material:       


Battery charging time:

up to 40 minutes

Estimated charging time:

12 hours

Maximum speed:   

14 miles per hour

Wheel Diameter:  

12 inch

Cruising Range:     

7 miles

Holds up to:           

140.0 pounds


2 non-universal lead-acid, required, included 


· Large pneumatic knobby tires

· 12-inch large pneumatic tires are designed for dirt to transfer maximum power 

· At speeds of up to 14 mph, the MX350 leaves similar pocket dirt bikes in the dust!

· A single-speed motor that is driven by a chain with twist grip throttle control for hushed yet efficient operation. 

· Soft rubber grips and adjustable handlebars for a smooth and comfortable ride.

Common questions and answers

Does this bike have training wheels?

It does not come with training wheels. You need to order them separately. 

Why does the rear wheel spin but not work when the weight is on the bike?

If you have this problem, replace the battery, and it will work. 

11. Gotrax XR Elite Electric Scooter


The GOTRAX XR Elite works with an average engine of 300 watts. Such continuous massive capacity acceleration is suitable to achieve higher speeds of up to 15.5 miles per hour. You get two-speed settings along with that.

Battery and charging time

sA 36 V 7.0 Ah LG battery assists the entire scooter. The battery can give up to 16 miles on a charge, which is marginally higher than other motorcycles. This also means that your scooter will save energy in a better way. It takes just 4 hours to fully charge. 

IP54 Waterproof rating

The GOTRAX XR Elite has a waterproof ranking of IP54. What IP54 means is that it is splash resistant, but not fully submersible. Splash resistance seems more than adequate for everyday use. And the ranking also refers to protection against mud-proofing and dust.


· It provides cushioning and impact protection.

· Includes digital display

· Longer battery life


· Acceleration is slow



36v battery 7.8AH 

Watt on average

300 Watt on average

Mile per charge  

18.6 miles per charge

Maximum speed

15.5 mph Maximum speed


5-inch air-filled tires 


43.3 “x 17.1” x 14.6 “

Scooter Weight 

31.88 lbs / 14.46 kg

Maximum rider weight

220lbs / 100Kg

Waterproof rating     



· Features a 300W motor, propelling the electric scooter to a top speed of 15.5mph. 

· Dual disc braking and anti-lock braking system provide safe and responsive braking at short distances.

· We’ve done a lot of work to make riding a lot safer! The improved headlight offers more visibility. The tail light can remind other vehicles in the dark.

· The electric scooter’s wide deck(6.6 “L / 28.3” L) provides greater comfort for both of your feet and improves stability when stepped on. 

· The XR Elite E scooter is equipped with a unique one-step folding system for maximum portability. 

Common questions and answers

How far can you go?

12 Miles per charge

My son is 14 years old. Can he drive this electric scooter?

Yes, the weight limit is 100 kg (220 lbs).

12. Razor E325 Durable Adults and Teens Ride-On

Teens and adults 

Ride around the city on this cold and powerful Razor E325 motorized electric scooter. It is one of the best electric scooters for adults and teens. The E325’s large deck and frame are designed to withstand the adventurous abilities of responsible teens and adults. 

Speed and continuous use

Leave other rides in the dust with 250 watts of high-torque, electric punch, reaching speeds of up to 15 mph (24 km / h) for up to 40 minutes of continuous use. Recharge your batteries with the rechargeable battery which has a short charging time.

Steel frame and wide front and rear tires

The E325 features a full steel frame and fork for durability and more massive 9 inches (229mm) pneumatic front and rear tires reduce the impact of rough surfaces. 

The E325 puts you in a strong position because the control of speed and brakes is in your hands through rear brakes and twist grip.    


· Top speed of 15 mph

· Extra-wide 10-inch tires for a smooth ride 

· Ultra-quiet chain motor 


· 12 hours charging time



40 x 16.5 x 42.5 inches

Item weight              

52 pounds


White, Silver, Black

Tire type             

Extensive, smooth ride, 10-inch pneumatic tires 


90 days warranty (3 months)

Power /Capacity 

300 Watts Battery 


9 Miles depending on driving conditions

Additional components  

Twist- Grip Throttle, retractable kickstand

Weighing capacity      

220 pounds


· Powered by a high torque, single-speed 250-watt chain-driven motor that provides electrifying fun at speeds of up to 16 km / h for adults and 13 years and above old teens 

· The 24V (two 12V) rechargeable lead-acid battery system provides up to 40 minutes of continuous use, allowing you to cover a lot of distance on a single charge. 

· Additional features include soft rubber grips with twist acceleration control for effortless Acceleration. 

· A full steel frame and fork provide a reliable ride that withstands rugged use and life with a maximum rider weight of 220 lbs. (100 kg)

· The Razor E325 has an extra-large frame and deck, 26.2 inches (666mm) long and 8 inches (204mm) wide. The scooter is ready to go and is perfect for meeting friends or just cruising around town. 

Common questions and answers

What is the maximum weight of runners?

He says the maximum weight for the rider is 220 pounds.

How long will the battery last on an average ride with an average cyclist on an average day?

Over 45 minutes.

13. Segway Ninebot S-Plus Smart Self-Balancing 

Enjoy and live the moment

Go places on your Ninebot S – have fun in style. Designed for convenient last mile transport and entertainment mobility, the Ninebot S takes you to your destination as you enjoy and live the moment.

Easy to learn and user-friendly

Easy to learn and the user-friendly design of the knee control bar design also makes it the first choice for children and adults. Just step on, and you can master it in minutes. Add your Ninebot S and see for yourself why it’s the right choice all around the world for riders.


· Self-balancing.

· Knee handles control bar.

· Custom LED taillights/headlights. 


· A bit more expensive.

· 4 hour charging time.


Max. Motor power        

1600 watts

Max. Speed ​            

​Ten mph

Typical range                

13.7 miles

Max payload.                

220 lb 

Max. Climbing slope     

15 degrees

Adjustable steering bar  




Aircraft-grade, Magnesium alloy frame                 


Anti-theft control           


Attachable to Ninebot Go kart kit



· With this powerful dual motors of 400W, the Segway S-Plus can be ridden at the top speed of 12.5 mph. It is capable of travelling 22 miles.

· The smart battery management system ensures battery safety and prolongs battery life. 

· Use the handle or joystick of the multi-function remote control with a smart chip to control the device. When you’re not riding, and you need to have your hands free, activate tracking mode to have your S-Plus follow you. 

· Download the Segway APP for Anti-Theft Function, Speed, Limit & adjustment, Vehicle Self Diagnosis, Adjustable Ambient Lights, Firmware Upgrade, Monitor Battery Status, vehicle remote control and more

· With top-of-the-line technology, extensive functionality and a sleek design, the Segway S-Plus is like having your robot. One year or 180 days warranty for different parts. 

Common questions and answers

Is the knee control bar adjustable in height?

No, it is not on the plus.

Is the piece between your legs removable?

It is removable for transport or storage. It is used for steering while you are riding, so it should be at that time.

14. Gyro or Hoverboard Warrior

Durable and suitable for off-road

Gyro or Warrior is made from durable aluminium and some ABS parts to ensure a reasonably healthy body. With its impressive 700W motor power, it can handle hills with a large 30-degree gradient. It also has a sturdy aluminium alloy frame and 8.5-inch solid rubber grip all-terrain tires provide Plenty of traction. And additional stability. 

Charging time and Bluetooth speakers

The hoverboard only takes 2 hours to reach a full charge, much faster than an average powerful hoverboard. The Warrior also has built-in Bluetooth speakers, perfect if you want to listen to your favourite music while riding and that makes it more appealing to children too.


· Powerful dual-motor 

· Can be charged within 2 hours

· Cover 8-9 miles under 1 charge


· Charging cable is not included in a package. 



Dual 350w motors


4.0Ah / 36V lithium-ion battery

Charging time                  

2 hours

Top speed                        

9.95 mph

Maximum distance          

9.5 miles

Maximum capacity        

265 lbs

Hoverboard weight        

33 lbs


  • The Warrior 8.5 inch Off-Road Hoverboard is made from a perfect combination of UL approved materials that make up its sturdy structure and ensures durability while protecting you during rides 
  • With 8.5 inch solid tires and a 700-watt motor, you can be sure of a smoother and more relaxed ride. 
  • For music lovers, they have added a built-in high-quality music speaker to let you play your music while riding the hoverboard. 
  • The self-balancing technology used for this hoverboard makes it easier and safer for new riders. 
  • This hoverboard is UL2272 certified, and that means it has passed strict electrical and safety tests to ensure safe charging and riding. 

Common Questions and Answers

  1. Which app to download and from where?

Gyro or new version hoverboard with an app is on sale now, and the app name called Gyroor, it can be downloaded from the smartphone store or scan the QR code on the back of the user manual. 

2. Why does my G2 only charge 30 minutes before the charging pack says it’s fully charged, but the LED lights are red when riding?

Does it last a long time while riding? You should notice that it is blue on one side and red on the other, it has nothing to do with charging, it should take several weeks to finish the load.

15. Hiboy MAX Electric Scooter 

It has a bell, wheel fenders and a brake lever. At the front, It has 2 LED Lights. However, at the back, other people can see you all thanks to the red light, which works as a light brake as well. Also, If we talk about the deck, it is filled with blue LED lights.

The LED monitor was installed in the centre of the Hiboy handlebar. It’s a screen that displays vital information. You have the option of flipping speed measurements from miles per hour to a kilometre per hour. You also have a button that switches the front and rear lights on or off. 


  • Handles steep slopes better than the competition
  • The added benefit of a lighthouse also makes it possible to move around at night. 
  • Superior build quality


  • Shocks are not very useful on rough roads. 


Weight: 34 pounds

Power of the motor:350 W

Range of load: 55-220 pounds

Top speed: Approx. 18.6 mi / h

Riding modes: Three speeds

Travel Mode Distance: Approx. 17 miles

The capacity of battery:  270Wh

Charging time: 4-6H

The climbing capacity: 15 %

Battery: Lithium-Ion 36V 7.5Ah


  • The reinforced aluminium PC-ABS chassis results in superior build quality. You can take the scooter on an adventure without worrying about breaking it anytime soon.
  • The reliable 350W motors handle anything you aim at it with absolute ease. You can reach hills up to 15 degrees with ease. The Hiboy Max electric scooter shines where the other scooters lie behind.
  • The battery usually lasts15-18 miles, depending on your use. The time of charging ranges from 4 to 6 hours, determined by the total distance travelled. Often, scooters from this category need around 4 hours of charging.
  • This scooter has an upgraded engine, which delivers up to 18.6 miles per hour ready to go, on average you can travel up to 17 miles in a single charge, depending on your weight and the terrain you are riding on.
  • This model has smooth brakes that allow you to stop in seconds, making it much safer than many other electric scooters.

Common Questions and Answers

  1. How fast does it go? 

About 18.6 mph (29.9 km / h)

2. What age/weight is it suitable? 

Recommended weights of 50-220 lbs. However, please note that increasing pressure will impact performance from top speed to Range. 

3. How long does it take to charge?

About 4-6 hours.

Buying Guide of Electric Scooter

Now, if you are thinking of buying an electric scooter, you are the right place because we are going to show you the comparisons and analyzes of the best that currently exist.

We will also tell you what the factors that you have to take into account to buy the one that best suits you are. 

And finally, we are also going to show you what advantages electric scooters have, how much they run and where to buy yours at the best price.

How to Choose an Electric Scooter!

1. Speed and power 

In the market, we find electric scooters that reach 6km / h to models that achieve 45 km / h. However, the most common for urban spaces are those that are around 25 km/ h. Those with more powerful engines have a higher price, but in return have more potential to perform better on hills or significant drivers.

2. Weight and dimensions of the scooter 

While it is true that we will use the unfolded bike, there will be situations in which we have to fold it and move it by hand or store it. In this sense, it is interesting that electric scooter should be as light and compact as possible. Typically, the power and lightness combo usually implies a higher cost.

Continuing with the previous point, we will also look at the way of folding: we want its folding system to be fast and robust so that it does not open by mistake. Also, this mechanism should have a high duty cycle.

3. Autonomy 

This allows us to know how many kilometres we will be able to travel on a single charge. Although manufacturers offer indicative data, these differ significantly from reality based on aspects such as the weight of the driver, the unevenness, the type of driving, among others. In this sense, it is better to bet on those that more than cover the distance we plan to travel. We are also interested in knowing the charging time, and if the battery is removable or not, It is something very convenient if we want to leave the scooter “parked” and take the battery to charge.

4. Prices

Electric scooters are expensive and can easily cost several hundred dollars. Most high-end brands sell them for over $ 500. However, Razor scooters are relatively affordable, and some of their models require less than $ 200, which is very important because you need to find the best possible solution within your budget. If you’re on a budget, choose a brand like Razor that is known for its affordability. 

Usually, the concern of parents when buying an expensive motorized scooter is that they might not last as long or their daughters and sons will not be able to use it because of their growing age. So, You don’t need to worry about it because they are quite sturdy, especially of well-known brands, so you don’t need to worry about durability.

5. Security elements

As in a bike or a motorcycle, in the electric scooter, we are the body. It is essential to look for models made with resistant and quality materials, with sound brake systems and built-in lights to make you visible on the road.