logo embroidery


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Like all major businesses present in today’s world, promotional marketing through T-shirts is a common step to reach out to your prospects and existing customers. With promotional marketing on T-shirts comes a lot of hurdles that you will face during the initial levels of promoting your business.

From selecting the right supplier for T-shirts to getting it customized is a challenging process, especially if you are getting it decorated in bulk. But don’t worry, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. In today’s blog, we shall be discussing the dynamics for selecting the right vendor for decoration and what factors you should look for when considering one for your business.

When you are out in the market planning to get your business or company’s logo decorated on apparel items like T-shirts, polo shirts, caps, backpacks, etc. there are some factors that you should consider and select the most suitable decoration method appropriately.

Getting a logo embroidered on apparel suggests that you are acting on visible marketing and want more people to see it. For that, you go through a large ordeal and get it customized and delivered to your customers. Because at the end of the day, your logo is the face of your business, and if you highlight it correctly, you will be able to get a lot of attention.

The funny thing about logo embroidery is that it is completely different from screen printing, and the embroider you will reflect on your business choices. While we agree that purchasing logo embroidery for your promotional apparel is difficult, you may not be skilled enough to know about the vendors available in the market. Which are the reasons why you go from one store to another, shaking your head with disappointment?

Since you perform logo embroidery on your favourite apparel through advanced decoration machines, it might be a little naïve of you to believe that all decoration methods work the same. But that is certainly not the case.

Before finalizing the vendor for logo embroidery, give yourself a pep-talk: are all the clothing suppliers same? You may want to say no to this. Just like the clothes you wear are from different brands, different fabrics, and different stitching types, your decoration expert is also different.

Just like multiple brands offering multiple options for you to decide, logo embroidery also has different levels. For some vendors, they offer cheap embroidery designs, and for some, quality matters. You contact them for customizing your logo on these promotional apparel.

If you are bothered about why there are so many levels of embroidery available in the market, consider the following aspects.

When you are out in the market, selecting the vendor for logo embroidery, check out their machines and the type of work they provide to their other clients. If you come across machines with lower quality, then you need to look elsewhere. But if the machines are of good quality and they are providing reasonable rates for decoration, then you should go for it most definitely.

Another important aspect that you should consider when choosing for the vendor is the type of market you are targeting. If you are catering to a mid-range market, then you don’t need expensive embroiders to fill your business needs. Still, if you are targeting high-end customers, you should go for premium vendors offering the best services in the market.

The rule for selecting the right vendor is pretty straight forward to consider your target market and choose accordingly. Also, your budget is equally important. You don’t want to spend extra cash on vendors and then not spending on something else afterwards. Keep auditing your budget and prepare accordingly.

A third and most important factor that mostly goes ignored is the number of stitches present in the embroidery. You may not be aware of this, but the number of stitches present in the embroidery determines the quality of your artwork.

Mostly, a logo or an artwork is designed using 7000 to 9000 stitches. While stitching is a lengthy process, a conventional embroidery shop can complete six to seven embroidered products per hour. Depending on the capacity and infrastructure, consider all the options and choose wisely.