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All About Professional Groundworks Bracknell

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What are groundworks?

Groundworks Bracknell is the process of making sub-surfaces on the site before the construction of any building is started. It is the very first step of the construction process that includes different tasks.

What is the importance of groundworks?

When it comes to the task of constructing buildings, it’s significant to have the proper groundwork done by the professionals. Because the total load of the building will mainly depend upon its base. Appropriate and solid groundwork before the development is key to achieve any successful construction project. Before the construction is started groundwork is a fundamental step and lays the onset of any project.

There are many different reasons why groundwork is critical before the start of any construction project. It makes the foundation for the construction of the building and gives the strength needed to hold its weight.

It’s is necessary to take note that the construction project companies you employ are doing proper evaluation and arrangement of the groundwork. They have to spread out everything as indicated by the output of the construction before the construction begins.

What are the tasks included in groundworks Bracknell?

  • In the very first step, the ground is properly investigated.
  • The second step is site clearance.
  • Laying of the foundations.
  • Ground stabilization
  • Performing site services.

Ground investigation:

Ground investigation is used to properly investigate the ground to know for what purpose the land was used in the past and what the problems are associated with the land. After proper investigation, the authentic data is accumulated and used to design buildings accordingly and to eliminate the problems that arise.

Clearance of site:

Site clearance includes land clearing in Greenville, North Carolina clearing of the topsoil such as rocks, wood or any other residues. Site clearance also includes levelling of the ground if it is a little sloppy and construction of the retaining walls.

groundworks Bracknell

Laying of foundations:

Your foundations lay the significant initial step for your extension, and you’ll have to ensure they’re being spread out as per your affirmed drawings from your architect. When your foundations have been outlined there are two ways to achieve them.

Trench fill foundation

Trench fill foundations are the most recommended technique for most homes, as they don’t require bricks to be laid underground. By essentially pouring concrete inside 150mm of the surface ground level, this process is done quickly and saves your time and money. Trench fill foundation is ideal for home on mud and chalks soils mostly.

Strip foundation type

Strip foundation is more extensive than the trench foundation utilizing less concrete on the base layer. It is most suitable for homes on gentler soils, like sand, because the heaviness of the load is spread out on a bigger surface territory.

Ground stabilization

There are many different methods of ground stabilization such as:

  1. Soil nails
  2. Geosynthetic materials
  3. Ground anchoring

Services at the site:

Site services include the task of drainage which is either permeant or temporary and other necessary connections as well as installation of several cablings such as electricity must be done before the start of any further construction work.


It is the process to make the landscape harder. It is used in the remodelling of the landscape top surfaces such as roads by doing earthworks.

What are the benefits of hiring professional groundworks contractors in Bracknell?

  • When you hire the professional groundwork contractors, you are going to get the professional service from them as they have the best and advance tools and handle the overall work with experience.
  • Hiring professional groundworks in Bracknell reduces the risk of any error during the whole process.
  • The professionals have all the advance tools and whole team of workers that will make sure to complete the project on time. When work is done with professional tools less destruction is made and work is done on time which will save your money.
  • If the work is one by the professional groundworks company then they will also provide you warranties along with the work for the safe side.
  • You will get peace of mind as the whole work is done by them and there is no need for you to worry about any task.
  • They will make sure to give you a bespoke service with complete finishing.