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A Look Back at Men’s Wallet Trends of 2022

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A wallet is something that gets used almost every day in a man’s life, and for something that important, you can’t just buy any old one off the shelf. Rarely is a good wallet a considered purchase, and thus it becomes something that breaks down easily and then is repurchased over and over again. But this isn’t sustainable and this is why many men turned to well-made luxury men’s wallets in 2022. 

When you ditch the badly made, poorly stitched, fake leather options, you get a wallet that will last for decades into the future, often a designer wallet can even become an heirloom piece, passed down through generations. 

So, if you’re interested in buying a luxury wallet, or maybe you don’t like the options for next year, you can look at this retrospective on what designer wallets were wanted by men in 2022. 

What Was Trending in Men’s Wallets 

Bright Colours

You may have seen this wallet in the hands of your younger male friends or family this year. It was a jazzier alternative to the overwhelming number of neutral wallets out there. Many brands put out kaleidoscopic styles and many more. Overall, this was a more youthful, yet classy option that made luxury feel more like art, something we’re seeing more as time goes on. 

Monochrome Minimalism

Nothing beats a regular black wallet for its versatility and minimalistic look. If you want a luxurious men’s wallet, you can take a look at the stylish monogrammed wallets on offer from Louis Vuitton for a step up from the plain wallet look. This is under the 2022 trends, but honestly, the minimal looks never go out of fashion, and monochrome is always in. 

Card Holders Galore

As times change, credit and debit cards are taking over the need for cash, and so many people are downgrading to using car holders and eliminating the bulk in their pockets. Thankfully, this is something that was everywhere in 2022. Clearly, designer brands jumped on the wagon because it came in everything from sleek options from Lemaire all the way to super colourful designs from The Row to name a few. 

Patterns Were In

Despite all the classic options for the more tame men, there were so many more wallets that were more fashion-forward and bright. This includes interesting patterns, bold prints and colour blocking to name a few. These more whimsical offerings were designed to offset the boredom from the years prior and bring new life into people’s lives. The best part is, these colourful styles look like they’re going to cycle back in a few years, so it makes a good investment.

Quality Leather

In 2022, luxury leather was in. It seems every designer fashion house had its own unique leather offering front and centre, with lots of the Italian houses really emphasising their leather specialisations. For example, Gucci and Chanel are already well known for their leather offerings, but now durability is desired over the canvas to allow for more return on investment, so it stays in style. This is going to be a trend that lasts for a little while longer as the economy changes.  

Logomania Everywhere

You may have heard of logomania if you were listening to the fashion scene. Many people refer to this as the return of the maximalist trend of putting the brand’s logo all over a design, but it didn’t just apply to clothing in 2022. In both women’s and men’s accessories, such as belts, shoes, wallets and bags, logomania was also present. You can now get giant logos all over your wallet if you want to, and this is something for the people who want everyone to know the brand the wallet belongs to. 

Bifolds Everywhere

As a savvy man, you probably already know how popular a bifold wallet is in general, but when it came to luxury brands, the bifold dominated. Sure, there were some cardholders and accordion wallets, but there are really no substitutes for the bifold. It’s the more relaxed, yet secure option, when you open a bifold, you can rest assured that no one is looking in, or taking out, without some fiddling first. 

Now that you’re aware of what was in trend in 2022, you can either wait and see what comes next year, or if you’re a savvy buyer you can purchase something from the last year and carry it over for years to come, and still make a good investment when the trends come back in style a few years into the future.