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Though text-to-speech conversion is nothing new, what’s changed is the advancement in voice technology. The voices have become more human-like and less robotic, and they are more interactive. Often people cannot discriminate between a TTS voice and a human voice. While consistent research and efforts have been made in this field, one tool that really broke the stereotype and emerged victorious in offering the best TTS voice collection and quality is The tool has gained great popularity and is widely adopted by companies, brands, bloggers, ecommerce websites and marketers.

While previously, when companies needed voiceover actors and spent thousands on recording commercials or promotional videos, today, it is possible with just a few dollars. All you need to do is convert the text in the commercial to any voice you need and run it over with the video. The steps to use voice AI generators are given below:

  • Highlight the text you want to convert into speech on the dashboard.
  • Pick the voices from the wide range of 832 voices and 132 languages and accents available.
  • Choose the perfect voice to match your requirement.
  • Select the pronunciation, speech rate, intonation, emotion and volume of the voice.
  • Check whether it matches your requirement by clicking on Preview.
  • After you preview it and are okay with it, you can proceed.
  • Click on Convert to get the audio file in WAV or MP3 format.

Use for your business is an ideal platform business can use to promote their products. It helps them not just get audiences who can visually access their webpage but also those who can audibly access their website. Their content holds no limitation. It broadens their reach. Whether a person is visually impaired or has a language issue, they can easily access your website without facing any interruption. allows your blog readers to listen to your stories when they have difficulty reading or they’re on the move or simply multitasking.

All you need to do is publish the audio on your blog, stats showing listen, share and download buttons and help the audience enjoy the best marketing messages. Studies show that audios have better chances of converting leads into sales.

You can surely make the most of your business website using the best text-to-speech software. It helps you expand your reach and reach a global audience. helps you break the language barrier by offering you access to over 132 languages. So, you can customize your website according to a different language in no time. Getting a website in their native language makes the customers feel privileged. voice AI generator keeps the emotions of the text in mind and helps the person follow the flow easily. People consider it as the most human-like natural voice they’ve heard. So, without wasting time, businesses should use it for their customer care, IVR options and other places to reduce operational costs and gain maximum. Use it for yourself to see its proficiency.